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Udaan 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Imli asking Suraj to leave Chakor. Chakor steps on his feet and asks him not to come close. Imli makes Suraj sit. Ajay and Chakor sit. Suraj sees Chakor. Mahiya…..plays…. Ragini says where did papers go and calls someone. She says it happened as we planned, now they will come there, welcome them well, Vivaan should not know this. She says Lord give peace to your souls. Bhaiya ji hears this and says I heard this, I know what to do. Chakor gets a wrong number. Two men board the bus.

The goon sees Ajay and Chakor. Chakor wakes up and sees Suraj. She asks what are you doing here, where is Ajay. He says we are going to shut gun factory. She asks where is Imli. He asks did you see any dream, Imli is with Vivaan. She asks how can this happen. He says I was always with you and will always be. She says no, you cheated me. He says I can never think to cheat you. She wakes up from the dream and says where is Suraj. She sees Suraj with Imli.

Ajay asks Chakor to come and have food. Chakor says no, last time I lost bus when I got down. Ajay says I will get something for you. He goes. She sees the goons. Everyone leave. Suraj says I lost bus last time, I will sit in the bus. He asks Imli to sit. Imli says I have to go bathroom. He says I will come along. He says no, you sit here. She thinks Suraj and Chakor can talk and end annoyance. She goes. Suraj sees Chakor.

Ajay orders special food for Chakor. Imli says it will not make any difference, Chakor is my sister, she will not get trapped in your web. He says I heard a lot about you. She says Suraj and Chakor love each other, you don’t take advantage of her. He says you love her a lot, why are you stopping her from moving on. She says sorry, if you try to break Suraj and Chakor’s bond, you will fail. He says sorry, what’s your name. She says Imli. He asks are you threatening me. She says no, I m explaining you. He says no need thanks, Chakor and I are sensible. He orders tea. Goons look at him.

Bhaiya ji calls police station and informs about Ragini’s plan of killing someone. Ragini asks whom are you talking to, give me phone. She snatches the phone. He says I will curse you. She sees tv remote instead phone She throws it and calls Girja. She asks him to take Bhaiya ji to room, he is making remote a phone. She goes. He gets angry.

Chakor sees Suraj and stops him from drinking. Mahiya…..plays…. He holds her and asks what happened, you became my ex wife and broke all relations, why do you care for me. She says its legal crime to drink wine in public bus. They have an eyelock. He says I know, there is no public here right now. She says I won’t let you drink. They fall on the seat. Mahiya….plays…. She asks him to move back. She gets up. She gets hurt and falls on him. He says I feel like everything is shouting that Suraj and Chakor are one soul. She says let me go, anyone will come. He says let anyone come, our relation can never break, you make me sign any paper, you will always be my wife. She thinks if I leave him, he will drink again. She says you said you still believe I m your wife, get saved from me. She picks the wine bottle and throws it out of bus. He asks did you get mad, cheater. He goes.


Udaan 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Chakor says where is Suraj, bus is leaving, I have to see him. She gets down the bus. Ajay and Imli see Chakor and Suraj missing. Imli asks bus driver to stop the bus. Ajay says their lives can be in risk.