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Udaan: Imli and Chakor’s sisterly love drama, Sooraj and Chakor’s union way with Anjor


Udaan: Imli’s (Vidhi Pandya) sisterly love for Chakor (Meera Deosthale), joins hand for secret mission

The upcoming episode of Colors popular daily soap Udaan is gearing up for some interesting twist and drama.Imli is not too happy with Chakor’s return in Azadganj as she is playing her evil game and Chakor’s entry may stop it.Chakor is now against Gumaan and has proof against him, Imli very well knows that she is Gumaan’s partner in crime.

If Gumaan will get caught then she will also be caught which may put end to her planning and plotting.Imli and Chakor’s sisterly love drama,Imli thus comes to her parents house and shows her goodness drama and also brings Anjoor along with her.Imli isn’t here for sisterly love but to steal the camera pen which Chakor has and it has all proofs against Gumaan in that.

Chakor and Sooraj finally comes infront of each other after the leap twist, Sooraj hates Chakor.Sooraj’s love for Chakor had turned into hatred and this hatred is because of Saanvi’s death.Sooraj blames Chakor for Saanvi’s death and thus they are separated but this separation will end soon.

This end of separation is the real of Anjoor’s efforts, Anjoor’s innocence will bring Chakor and Sooraj back together.Sooraj and Chakor’s union way,Anjoor is actually Sooraj and Chakor’s daughter Saanvi whom Imli had kidnapped and now destiny seems to unite them in unidentified way.What more twist and trouble will enter Chakor and Sooraj’s life in this union twist is to wait and watch for.

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