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Vani Rani 10th January 2018 Written Episode Update


Vani Rani 10th January 2018 Written Episode Update on

Vani Rani 10th January 2018 Episode Start with Rani says SArtak is Kaviya’s blood brother. I gave her birth. she is my daughter. Everyone is dazed. Vani says what are you saying. Kaviya isn’t my child? Ajay says yes she isn’t your daughter. Vani is dazed. Ajay says we hid this truth from you and Parkash for years. After sartak and adi you both were pregnant. You had a miscarriage and rani had a daughter. So we placed our daughter in your child’s cot. Rani decided to do this. She didn’t want you to take this pain. She gave her kaviya to you without telling anyone.

Parkash and Vani were very happy. Parkash says she is my princess. I will raise her like a princess. Vani is dazed. She hugs Rani. Rani says I am sorry. Rani says I didn’t tell you all this for years. Didn’t want to hurt you. But today.. I couldn’t hide it. Vani hugs her in tears.
Vani says you are so selfless. Even today you are saying sorry? You gave your heart to me. you both are so generous. No one can do what you both did. This favor can never be returned. Rani says please hide it from Parkash. If we tell him truth he will be really hurt. Vani hugs her.

Sartak says Kaviya is being given blood. Everything will be fine. Everyone smiles. Doctor says you can meet her. Rani and Vani go to meet her. Kavoya says mama I am sorry. Please pardon me. I made a huge mistake. Vani says let by gones me by gones. kavoya says are you mad at me? Vani says if you cry I will be. Kaviya says I will share everything with you from now on. Vani says we are your family and we are always with you. You should have trusted us. She says ma.. I am sorry. rai says you were worried. Its okay. Thank God you are fine now. Kaviya says my child.. Its gone. She is in tears. kaviya says my child paid for my sins. Rani says don’t cry. Vnai says don’t cry. i know you are in pain. I know what you are going through.. I went through the same. But rani gave you to me. She is your mother. She gave birth to you. I want to tell you something. Your real mother is rani not me. Kaviya is dazed. Kaviya is dazed.. Rani says don’t say anything. We are both your moms.

She will be your mama and I will be your ma. Vani says exactly nothing will change. We know how strong you are. Kaviya says ma please don’t leave me alone again. I can never be strong like you. Mishti says I wanna be like mama. Ajay hugs all his sons.

Scene 2
Nandani prabha adn Parkash are home. Nandani says I am sick and tired of this game. Nothing I do is working out. Rani is preparing to welcome Kaviya. They come home. Rani does her arti. They welcome her home. Rani says i made your kheer. Anjali says get well soon. Kaviya ays thank you for everything bhabhi. Anjali says we are all with you. Rani says you will be healthy soon.

Prabha says rani dont live in misunderstanding. You came here today that doesn’t mean this house is yours again. This Kaviya.. what she has done she should be ashamed and die. Rani says what are you saying. Prabha says she is your blood after all. She is shaming us all. And you are welcoming her like a hero? Kaviya says don’t say a word about ma. SAy whatever you want to say about me. I am proud that I am her daughter. Parkash comes in and he is bewildered. Prabha says you better came. See what they are doing here. She ashamed this house and they are welcoming her like this. Thank God she is not your daughter. Parkash looks at Kaviya in a shock. She says dad I am sorry. I know I made a huge mistake. I don’t deserve a pardon. I have hurt you I am sorry.


Vani Rani 11th January 2018 Written Episode Update Precap :Parkash receives a video. he says on call I am home I can’t talk or meet you. Parkash says to VAni there is something I want to tell you.

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