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Vani Rani 11th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Ajay Searches For Jobs


Vani Rani 11th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Vani Rani 11th December 2017 Episode Start With  Mishti says I wont go to school. No one will talk to me. Rani says no one will do that. Ajay says if someone does that they are not your true friends. Sartak says yes we should be confident. Mishti gets ready. Ajay asks Sartak are you okay? He says yes I am fine. Rani says to Sartak you can skip college? He says I didn’t do a mistake. I want to graduate so I can do a job.
Rani sees that there is no food in the house. Ajay says I am not hungry. Rani says I am really worried for them. Ajay says they can manage themselves.

Vani asks Nandani to take breakfast to her room. Nandani picks landline a man says please send vani to office its very urgent. Nandani says wrong number.
Mishti and Sartak leave together. Ajay goes to find work. Ajay says don’t be sad. She says there is nothing in the house. He says just show me a smile. He says when I have you i have everything. He leaves for work.

Scene 2
Bijli is stealing food. Prabha sees her and calls everyone. Vnai says what happened? Prabha says she was stealing food. Bijli says I was taking this food for Rani and family. They haven’t eaten anything. Everyone is dazed. Prabha says did we ask her to go? We don’t care. Vani says ma ji is right. THey left the house. If you take food from here they wont eat it anyway. They might eat from langar you get it?? Bijli says yes I get it. Prabha says make tea for me.
Vani leaves for office.

Adi recalls what Sartak said. Prabha comes to him. She says why are you punishing yourself? Why didn’t you go to college? You andd anjali should go together. Adi says this is not a joke. I don’t want to hurt Sartak more. Prabha says I just want to see you happy. Parkash comes. Adi says no one can stay happy with snatched happiness. He leaves. Parkash says listen. Parkash says I made a mistake. Prabha says don’t say that anyone would listen. Bijli comes and says your tea. Prabha says everything will be fine once Anjali gets better.

Ajay is looking for jobs. Anjali is upset in her room. She recalls what happened. She picks a knife to slit her wrist. Adi comes and takes the knife. He says what were you doing? She says I was cutting this thread that pandit ji tied on my hand in the wedding. I thought I would suffocate less. Dont’ worry for me. I am not a coward like you. Just leave. Adi leaves. The knife cuts his hand. Anjali says just go I can’t tolerate you here.


Vani Rani 12th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:Sartak says I will also go on job to pay my fees.Parkash has said no to pay my fees. Kaviya calls Avinash. She throws us and thinks she might be pregnant.

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