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Vani Rani 11th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Vani Rani 11th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Prabha is scratching her whole body. She screams. Parkahs says what happened ma? They call the doctor. The doctor comes and treats her. He gives her an injection to heal it. Prabha says I will die. People in your house want me to die. he says no ma. She says see what they did to me. They first tried burning me with lamp. Rani gave me tea last time. She mixed something in it. Parkash looks at rani in anger. She did that. I asked to you take ajay’s workshop and that is why she is taking revenge.

Parkash goes in hall. He says to Rani and ajay what do you both want? Rani says I swear I didn’t mix anything. He says just shut up. He says ma was right. She keeps an eye on you both so you don’t want her here. Sartak says my parents didn’t do anything. You know my mom never lies.

Parkash says just shut up. Don’t say a word. I have tolerated you all enough. I will slap you. Vani says Parkash relax. He says have you seen my mom’s condition? is this why I am keeping them here> Kaviya says daddy please they have done nothing. Whatever happened with dadi I did it. Everyone is dazed. I put that powder on her skin so she understands and gets a lesson. Parkash says lesson? What are you saying? Kaviya says dadi.. Mishti says dadi had been playing. She plays divide and rule game. She provokes you.

Parkash says shut up. He slaps Mishti everyone is dazed. Parkash says shut up. Adi hugs her he says dad she is a child. Kaviya says I made the mistake and you slapped her. Mama please ask dad to calm down, He is wrong. She says you both are wrong. How dare you do this to your dadi? Kaviay says she did games too. Vani says she is an elder here. Its her house she wont go anywhere no matter what you think. Is that clear? Everyone nods. Vani says Mishti.. Mishti goes to her room crying. Adi and Kaviya go after her.
Rani says in heart I know this is hurting you didi.

Mishti is cryin. Everyone tries to cheer her down. Kaviya says we will go on a long drive. She says I won’t talk to anyone. Go. Kaviya says I am sorry on dad’s behalf. She says you are his fav. He blamed me.
Vani says to Prabha you better not do all the games you are doing. Kids did that for a reason. You shouldn’t be doing all this or I will take an action on it instead of the kids. She leaves.

Everyoene plays with Mishti to make her happy. Sid tries to dance too Mishti laughs. Kaivya hugs her. Mishti says sid you are so funny. Rani and Vani both are looking in. Ran says Mishti is better now. She leaves.


Vani Rani 12th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Rani gives Prabah tea. Prabha says I won’t take it. Rani gives Mishti money. She leaves it near Parkash’s table and says I will only go picnic with my dad’s money not someone else’. Parkash says Kaviya I will drop you college. She says no thanks dad.

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