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Vani Rani 12th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Kaviyaa Is Pregnant


Vani Rani 12th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Vani Rani 12th December 2017 Episode start with  Vani is in office. She recalls what happened in the house. Sid comes and says mama this file.. Nandani says did you cross check it? He says yes. Sid says mama check it please. Sid says you look worried. Vani says no I am fine. Sid says to Nandani mama is very disturbed. She says time will fix everything.

Bijli comes to Rani. Rani says I made khichri for Mishti. Bijli says but she doesn’t eat that. I brought tasty food from langar for all of us. Rani says you area blessing. Mishti comes and says everything went good. All my friends supported me. Mishti eats the food.
Ajay looks for jobs and gets rejected everywhere.

Adi comes to his room. Anjali sleeps on the bed. He sits on the sofa. Ajay comes home. Mishti says did you get a job? He says I found two but they wanted me to do bad things. We shouldn’t do bad things. Mishti says yes you did right. I am proud of you. Rani says to ajay todaay was the first day.. you will find a job. Saratak says tomorrow is a new day. I will try finding a job too. Rani says you won’t go to college? he says no. I have to earn to go to college. Parkash said no to pay for my job. I don’t need their aid. We wont need anyone. Rani nods.

Scene 2
Rani gets a sewing machine. Sartak looks for jobs as well. Ajay gets rejected everywhere. Rani starts getting clothes.
Kaviya calls Avinash but he doesn’t pick up. She vomits and is scared. She says am I pregnant? She recalls being close to Avinahs. She starts crying and says no this can’t happen. She sits down and cries. She recalls what she did with Avinash. She does pregnancy test and it comes positive. She says i ruined my life. Parkash comes to her room. She hides it. parkash says you can’t hide it from me. I know what you are worried about. I know everything. You miss rani and mishti a lot. Don’t do that. We can’t change the past. Rani exaggerated it. Don’t cry like this. Be brave. He says you know how much I love my princess. Cheer up. Kaviya smiles. She hides the pregnancy test.

Kaviya callas nandani. She throws her phone away. It falls in Anjali’s feet. Kaviay says sorry. Anjali says is everything okay? You look worried. Kaviyaa says I am fine. Anjali says I might not be your fav bhabhi but you can consider me your friend. You can tell me anything you want. Kaviya starts crying. Anjali gives her water and says what happened. Don’t cry like this please. Kaviya says I don’t know what do. Will you help me? Kaviya says we have to go right now. Anajli says tell me your problem. She hugs him.


Vani Rani 13th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Mishti gets current shock and is injured. Rani takes her to hospital. Kaviya and Anjali are there for abortion.

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