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Vani Rani 12th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Vani Rani 12th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
At night, Vani comes to her room. She drinks water. Vani recalls Parkash being so rude to Sartak and Mishti. He recalls saying so much ill for Rani and her family. Parkash comes in room. He smiles at Rani and says I wanted to thank you. You stood by me. I am proud of you. What I did I think you liked it. Vani says should I say truth or what you wanna hear? What mishti and kaaviya did was wrong but so were you.

Rani says to Ajay I know you are angry at Parkash. he says no I am angry at Parkash. I thought at least I wasn’t failing in house, like bringing kids up. Rani says its not like that. This shouldn’t have happened. Kids are kids.
Parkash says you saw what they did with ma. She says it isn’t right to hit a little girl. You won’t understand because your ego is greater than everything.
Rani says remember we all used to make mistake. That is where we learn from. Kids won’t make mistake. They will learn. She is in tears.
VAni says you know why and what I said to the kids.

Scene 2
Next morning, everyone is upset of breakfast. Rani gives Prabha tea. She syas tea of your hand and me.. She looks at Vani looking at her angrily. Prabha says sure I will drink it. Your tea is magic. Parkash says kaviay where are everyone else? Kaviya doesn’t answer.
Mishti gets ready. Mishti says Kaviya didi sid bye. Rani saays take this money for picnic. Mishti says I dont’ want it. Rani saays why? You wanted to go. She places that money next to parkash’s plate. Mishti says I will only go picnic on my papa’s money not on someone else. She leaves. Kaviya is leaving. Parkash says I will drop you college. She says no thanks and leaves. Sid leaves too.

Scene 3
Anjali and Adi are fighting. Principal comes. Sartak says to principal sir.. Sir says you had to calm them down. You were their mediator. Sartak says they will get tired of fighting and then stop themselves. Thats my strategy.

Mishti comes home. She says to Rani God listened to me. Principal has said there is no fees for picnic. I will go for free. Tell the people I won’t talk to you.
Rani says to Vani thanks for submitting her fees. I know you did that. She won’t tell you she is a bit mad. You know she is like you.
Vani brings pizza and juice for Mishti. She says top class students get that. Mishti says I will eat it alone. She goes out. Rani says she is so stubborn.
Rani tells everyone no one would help Mishti so she asks Vani for help.
Mishti has a problem in a maths sum. No one helps her. She says where is everyone? Rani says I don’t know. Mishti says do you now maths? Rani says no I don’t. Ask jiji. She solves it. Mishti says no I won’t talk to her. Rani says I was stubborn like you in childhood.
Rani says you know she loves you. She does so much for you. Mishti says did she fill my picnic fees? Rani nods.


Vani Rani 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vani says to a man I won’t fight your case. Nandani says to him I will. Prabha says to Gaitri on call I have done so much damage to ajay; Ajay overhears.

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