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Vani Rani 13th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Devi Gives Masa Poison


Vani Rani 13th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Vani Rani 13th December 2017 Episode start With Devi sets Adhi’s closet. She is very happy. She says you know why I came back. you have all the answers. Kesar comes and says a woman doesn’t confesses her love to her husband.. Devi smiles.
Heera comes to Adhi. She says why did you do this? you stopped my hand for that girl. You gave her a room. shift her to your room. Adhi says masa calm down. heera says she is our enemy. Adhi says I know that. The rat bit her so I shifted her there. i remember your revenge. Heera says come home soon. She leaves.

Saradh collides with Kesar. He holds her. Kesar says why did you touch me. He says I just saved you. She says sorry for my word. He says I should apologize. Why are you so happy? Keasr says Devi is in love with Adhi. I hope my.. Saradh says you can’t even understand. he leaves.

Devi serves food to everyone. Masa eats it and faints. Adhi is dazed. Adhi says what happeend to you masa. Adhi takes her to room and calls the doctor. He says masa what happened. Her mouth bleeds. Everyone is dazed. Doctor comes and checks her. Adhi says she bled. Please do something.

Doctor says someone gave her poison in food. Urmi says she ate the food devi made. Will she be okay? Doctor says we are trying to take the poison out. She will be good soon. Adhi is dazed. Urmi says to devi you are a killer. You gave her poison. Adhi says she saved masa’s life. She didn’t do this. Urmi says she did this for some reason. First she stole and then she did this. Bansuri says yes you gave her new room and this is how she rewarded you. Urmi says you deserve to be in that store. She drags her there. Adhi says shut up/. Enough. Leave her hand. Masa is struggling for her life and you are doing this. Doctor says she will be fine. He shows that food to masa and asks him to get it tested.

Scene 2
Devi says to Kesar I made the food I don’t know how did this happen. I was accused. Kesar says but Adhi protected you. Devi says but he send food for testing in the lab. Kesar says don’t worry. Deevi says let me check Masa. DEvi brings tea to adhi’s room. She massages his feet. Devi says he loves his mom so much. Maasa is so lucky.


Vani Rani 14th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Doctor says to Adhi this poison was made by mixing two meds. Only a doctor can make this. Adhi comes home and slaps her. DEvi drinks that poison herself.

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