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Vani Rani 14th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Anjali Says She Is Pregnant


Vani Rani 14th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Vani Rani14th December 2017 Episode Start With Nandani says lets end this drama. Radhay says no you have to ruin their lives. Vanni has to be on road too. I know you wont disappoint me. nandani says I wont. He says well done. Nandani’s parents hear this. Radhay is dazed. He says you two..

Rani comes in front of Vani’s car. Sid says ma.. Sid says ma you came back? Rani says no I came here for something else. Rani says ask yourself jiji. Vani says what are you here for? Rani says my heart is not detached from you all. Vani says what do you wanna say. Rani says I can only tell you in person. Vani says tell me in front of sid and nandani. Rani says I saw kaviya in hospital. She is pregnant. Everyone is dazed. Vani comes to home. She says Kaviya come downstairs.

Prabha says rani what are you doing here. Vani why are you so angry? Because rani is here? Vani says I haave to prove Rani wrong. She said something that she shouldn’t have. You accused my daughter. I wont tolerate this. Rani says this doesn’t make me happy. Rani says I went to her doctor. You can come to her with me. Or you can see bandage on her hand. Kaviya comes downstairs and says ma. She hugs rani. Vani says show me your hand. Kaviya shows her hand.
Vani says other one too. There is no bandage.

Vani says there is no bandage. Rani says Kaviya tell everyone truth. I am here for you. Dont lie. I will be with you. Vani says did you go to the hospital? Kaviya says I.. Vani says yes or no. Kaviya says yes I did. But I.. anjali says I went with her. I took her there. Ma you didn’t see me. i got the blood tests done. I think ma took Kaviya for me. I met the doctor and she told me I am pregnant. Everyone is dazed. Adi is in shock. Rani says to Kaviya i am sorry. I was an idiot. I thought.. She said. I am sorry. Kaviya says no ma don’t say that. She hugs her. Vani saays Kaviya stay away from her. Vani says how dare you do this. You accused my child of this. Shame on you and never come near my house. Rani says Kaviya is my daughter too. Vani says please leave us alone. We don’t need you. Go from here. Nandani says ma.. I neever thought I would say something like this. What is happening we should stay away from each other or we will only complicate this. Rani says I am really sorry. Rani says i am sorry kaviya. And says take care Anjali. She leaves.


Vani Rani 15th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kaviya hugs Anjali and cries. Vani asks Kaviya tell me what is truth. Rani wont say any stupid thing like that about you without any reason.Kaviya calls Avinash and says I am pregnant and this child is yours. He says I have nothing to do with all that. 

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