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Vani Rani 14th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Vani Rani 14th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
VAni sees Nandani is court with that client. Vani says sid I will be back. Vani says i will see how much she speaks in court.
Adi says lets name the party rockey. Anjali says thats so cheap. Anjali says Adhiudev. It means sunlight. Adi says are you mad? Anjali says get out we have to work secretly. He says you go. They both fight. Sartak comes and says stop it.

Nandai says to client Ruchi what did you see? Ruchi says before my shower this man was in the house. My dad was dead when I came out. Nandani says did you see any knife? Lawyer says but he was murdered from gun. She says then you heard gunshot? Ruchi says I was in shower. SHe says what were you doing in shower? Everyone laughs.

Adi saays this madam keeps giving stupid names for the fest. Adi says let me tell. Adi says baba sartak ki jai. Anjali says listen to him better. Apologize sartak. Adi says sorry brother. Sartak says lets call is expression. Anjali says I like it. Adi says no.. Adi says what you like I like.

Nandni says so you were washing hair you couldn’t hear gunshot? Where did you get this manicure from? Parlour? What you do for hair they look frizzy. Ruchi says I get straight. Nandni says ruchi was taking shower according to her. So her hair should have been frizzy. She is lying because there are straight hair in the picture. SO she never heard the gunshot because she killed her dad. She was sick of her dad using girls. That night her father was with her best friend and Mr. Arora’s daughter. She says yes I killed him. For his daughter. I did that. Nandani says my point is proved. She leaves.

Anajli says to Sartak you combined creativity and intelligence so well. So we can walk together too. I mean for college fest. Sartak says I am not into all this. She says if we prepare for this fest, we can proceed this. He says okay? She extends hand and says okay? He shakes hand. Anjali smiles.
The case is over and Ruchi is arrested. Everyone congratulates Nandai.
Vani comes to her Nandani she says sometimes I judge people wrong. Like I did you. You handled this case very well. Congrats and well done. She says thank you. Vani says I need bright people like you. Nandanni says I would join you for sure. she leaves. Sid says congrats. She hugs him and says best day of my life. He says mine too.

Scene 2
Rani says to Ajay you look happy.
Kaviya says to Sid you smell like girl perfume. Adi says ohh.. Mishto says what is it? He is shy. Adi says please tell us about this girl perfume. Sid says shut up.. Kaviya says that court girl. Adi says you can tell us. Sid says but.. Adi says tell us. Sid says don’t talk like this in front of sisters. Everyone asks him. Sartak says adi study please.
Adi says you are a nerd.
Rani says to Ajay why are you so haappy? He says ma forgave me. She says you forgave her she burned your lamp. Sartak overhears this.


Vani Rani 15th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Everyone celebrates Mishti’s birthday.Gaitri comes to the house. All kids are dazed.

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