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Vani Rani 15th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Vani Rani 15th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Vani says what happened you were saying something? He says nothing. Vani leaves. He assumed the slap.
Adi comes to Rani and says please ma. Rani says no your mom would get so mad. She is strict with all this. Adi says please ma. Won’t you help me? Mishti says don’t listen to him. Adi says look at me I am so tensed. Rani says you are mad. Adi says please ma. I wont’ do this again. Promise. Rani says okay. she says go and say that to Vani. She will go with you.

Vani comes with Adi to principal. He says this kind of attitude doesn’t work. She shakes head. He says are you supporting him? She nods. principal says you are a lawyer tell your son what he did is against the law. She says you have abused me and my mom. He says what? She says you are talking in english and making fun of my mother language. Stop blaming my son. I will accuse you. I will take you to court. Principal says please take your mom from here Adi. It Rani dressed as Vani. Adi says you played so well.

Kartak is coming in with Vani. Rani sees them. She says they are coming. Adi and Rani hide. They come to boys common room. Everyone screams. Adi says lets go from here. Rani says jiji will kill me.
Vani meets Principal and says this is wrong. You can’t ask students for extra money for marksheets. Principal looks at her dazed. She says I will file a case if you don’t take back this rule. Adi sees her in Principal’s room. He says shit I am done.
Vani says are you listening to me? He says in Hindi I promise you this won’t happen again. He says my head hurts. She says please speak English.
Principal says first your brother came here with her she said don’t speak English. Now she is with you and saying speak English. Vani says I get it now.

Rani sits on Adi’s scooter. Vani and Kartak are standing in front of them. Rani and adi are scared.

Scene 2
Vani says to Adi why you did all this? Mishti says to Kaviya sees I told you they will get caught. Adi says someone trapped me. vAni says really this was your solution? This fraud. You could be jailed for this. This time I will make sure you get punished in front of whole college. Rani says don’t do this. Please punish me. He won’t look good as a hen in college. Vani says I am talking to Ajay. Rani says he is a child. Mishti says Rani was saying no but Adi gave her swear. Vani says Adi you will be punished. You will go on college on Sartak’s cycle and he will go on your bike.
Rani says now when you have punished please appreciate too. How do I look? Totally like you? Vani leaves from there. Mishti says never stop your smile. Vani smiles and leaves. Everyone laughs.

Parkash comes home and sees them. He looks at Vani.


Vani Rani 16th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Rani’s father says don’t call me bapu ji. You have killed this relationship. I have not forgotten that day. I do havan every year so a daughter like you doesn’t born again. Rani is crying.

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