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Vani Rani 15th November 2017 Written Episode Update


Vani Rani 15th November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Vani Rani 15th November 2017 Episode Start With Anjali says to ADi what are you doing here? He says I wanted to tell you truth. I did this bet whenn I didn’t love you. I am not lying I really love you now. Sartak knocks on the door and says Adi open the door. Anjali are you okay.
Adi says Anjali give me one chance. Anjali says go from here. SArtak breaks the door and comes in. Adi is holding her hand. police and anjali’s father come as well. Her father says arrest him. Leave my daughter’s hand. Police takes Adi. Anjali faints. Sartak holds her.

Nandani comes to Mishti and says you look upset. Are you worried about Kaviya? She says no. Mishti says I am selected as cindrella. I will participate in the fancy dress party. But the dress is very expensive. Rani won’t give me that much money. Nandani says you can take money from me. She says no I can’t do that. Kaviya says but you can take from me right? mishti hugs Kaviya. Kaviya shows her dresses online.

Scene 2
Adi is in jail. He recalls Anjali crying and saying to Sartak Adi fooled you. You were right Sartak. Inspector says you can go now. Parkash says how dare you lock uo my son. Who complained? Adi tell me who did this? He sees Sartak’s signature on the FIR. Parkash says is it our sartak? He says yes. Parkash says I won’t leave her this time.

Sartak says you are so innocent Anjali. I won’t let tears touch your eyes again. Never because of that Adi. He leaves.
Rani hugs Adi and says what happened tell me. Parkash says don’t do this drama. You ask Adi who did this. Who lodged FIR adi tell everyone. Rani says no Sartak can never do this. Parkash says you feed on our money and your kids do this. Vani says don’t say all that Parkash. Don’t blame SArtak. Rani says Sartak can never do this. SArtak comes in. Parkash says see your son is here.
VAni says Sartak is he right? Sartak says yes I didn’t call police. Parkash says he is lying. i saw his signature on FIR. Sartak says my signature were there but I didn’t call police. Anjali’s father called police and I didn’t stop him.
He tells them everything. They felt like someone was in Anjali’s room. He told Anjali’s father everything.
Prabha says what did Adi do? Sartak says ask him yourself. Anajli’s father left him this time but if he does that again he can’t do anything. Parkahs says you are threatening me? He goes to hit him. Sidd and Ajay stop him. Sartak says give these lessons to your son. He is going out of limit. I am not scared of you. Rani slaps him and says enough Sartak. Apologize him. Sartak says let him hit me. Parkash tries to hit him. Vani says enough guys, This is a house. Sartak you.. Would you tell us what happened? Answer me now. What did Adi do that we lodged an FIR. Sartak says he used Anjali. He did a bet with friends that he will use Anjali. I tried to stop but .. He tells them everything. Sartak says what else would have her father done? Vani says is it Right Adi? Adi says I know it started with a joke. I really love anjali and she loves me. Sartak came between us. Vani slaps him and says how dare you do this to a girl. I would have been worse than Sartak with you. You have crossed every limit. Leave now. He goes t his room. Parkahs says what did you do. Vani says he made a terrible mistake and no one will go to him.

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