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Vani Rani 15th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Vani Rani 15th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Rani says but if we try we will fix everything. This is our family. Sartak says this means Mishti and Kaviya were right about dadi. He comes there and says ma.. Rani says what? Kaviya says get ready everyone. We don’t have time. We have to celebrate Mishti’s birthday.

Adi asks the bakery to pack the fruit cake. He says this one is sold. Adi says my sister wants it only. Please give me this cake. He says that madam has bought this cake already. Its Anjali. He says Anjali.. you look pretty. She says what do you want. He says please give me this cake for my sister Mishti. Anjali saays this is for my best friend Sakshi. Write Sakshi on it. He says no please write Mishti. Adi says lets do head and tales. She says no. He tosses the coin. Its heads. Adi wins. He says pack the cake. Anjali says no. He says this cake is mine now. he takes the cake and runs.

Scene 2
At night, Parkash comes to room. He is looking for something. He says my wife’s voice is missing somewhere. The kids are mad as well. Sartak knocks on the door. He says mama its time. She says i am coming. She takes out the gift and goes downstairs.

Kaviya takes Mishti downstairs in dark. Everyone turns on the lights and surprises her. Everyone hugs and wishes her. Prabha wakes up and says who is making so much noise. Ajay gives Mishti card. Adi says I brought this cake. Vani gives her gift as well. She says I am impressed. Vani says we had to. Mishti says you all have to do one more thing as well. My party should be like a princess too. Ajay says of course. Next year. This year we will celebrate in house. Vani says why next year? We will party this year as well. She can invite all the people she wants.

Parkash is looking downstairs at Mishti. Mishti says there is another wish before cutting the cake. Sid says her demands are increasing.

Parkash is in room. Everyone comes there. Mishti comes there too. She says Rani when I was young you used to call me monkey because I always imitated people. I am saying this to people who has not wished me yet. Parkash looks at her. He says happy birthday. I thought you were mad at me and won’t talk. mishti says I an not a good enemy so you should make me your friend. he smiles and hugs her. He says happy birthday. They all come down and cut the cake. Prabha looks at them. She says they didn’t even invite me but the cake looks yummy. Mishti gives everyone cake. Prabha says Parkash has changed. He didn’t invite me either. Everyone celebrates with Mishti.

At night everyone is sleeping. Sartak recalls Parkash insulting Rani and Ajay. He says I have to talk to mama papa.

Scene 2
Everyone wishes Mishti again. Prabha says happy birthday Mishti. Rani serves everyone puri. Parkash’s behavior is good with everyone. Gairti comes home and says surprise. Everyone is dazed. Prabha says gaitri..


Vani Rani 18th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Anjali slips. Adi holds her. Both sartak and adi say they can’t stay because its their sister’s birthday. SHe says you both have sisters born on same day? Sartak says to Ajay we won’t live here. We will leave this house.

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