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Vani Rani 17th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Vani Rani 17th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Vani is on his way. Sid says should I ask his friends. She says no. We shouldn’t tell outsiders we will find him.
Rani says its such a big deal. We should inform police. Ajay says are you mad.

Adi says to his friends you all blamed me. His friends try to convince him. Sartak says to adi ma has called us she asked us to come home. They leave. Adi sits on his bike. Sartak says you can’t go on bike. Adi says but.. Sartak says no. Sartak rides the bike and adi sits behind.
Rani asks all the kids to call all relatives and friends of ajay. She says to ajay I have asked them to call all the relatives.

Sartak and adi come home. She asks them to go and find him. Adi says lets tell police. They leave.
Kaviya says mom doesn’t care. I am sure she must be busy with her work.
Vani recalls Parkash being mad. She gets a call from usha chachi. SHe says did parkash come home? Why did he leave the house. vani says I will call you back. Sid says so many other relatives called too. Vani says how do they all know. This is our family matter. More and more relatives call them.

Vani comes home and says who told all the relatives? Write is in newspaper. Entire city knows. Everyone has gotten the word out. Well done. Ride hides phone book. Vani says are you all mad? Who asked to do all this. How can you be so stupid. What do you wanna tell people that I can’t solve problem of my family? Ajay says no. Vani says tell me then how is it? Problem is solved by solving it instead of telling the world. Rani says I.. Vani says I am talking to ajay. i am trying to find him too but I am not telling them entire thing. Because I care about my family. You all are so irresponsible. Kaviya says we are sorry but our intention was to find him. We are worried about dad. Vani says they are not your dad’s assistants. Dont’ worry about him. He is not a child. He is a grown up man. He will come back himself.


Vani Rani 18th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vani says Parkash is where no one would call him wrong. He is with his mom. Parkash’s mom says you can never be wrong. I am sure its Vani’s mistake.

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