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Vani Rani 18th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Vani Rani 18th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Kaviya is crying. she says because of mom dad has gone. She thinks court is house too. Rani says she is looking for him everywhere. She will look for him and find him.
Everyone is worried. Sid says ma lets go office. Vani says you have to go alone. Stop acting like your dad. Ajay says lets go find brother. Vani says I know where he is. Kaviya says please tell where he is. Vani says where no one would call him wrong. He won’t ever talk to you.
Kaviya says dad is coming? Vani says no. He left with his choice I dont’ care. Kaviya goes downstairs crying.

Rani says what happened? She says I dont’ want to talk to anyone. Dad is hurt and he isn’t coming back. Rani says you should go to him. Kaviya and Sartak go there.
Kaviya says dad you are here. Mandira comes and meets Kaviya. She meets sartak.
Gaitri says did you forget the food stuff in car? Kaviya says we didn’t bring anything. Parkash’s mom says vani doesn’t have time. We will cook Parkash. Kaviya says dad please lets go home.

Parkash’s mom says you can never be wrong. Vani always brings you down. She cares for her family. Parkash says I have lost all hope. His mom says you shouldn’t listen to her this time. Parkash says even you are not there. She says I can’t live there. She is giving your pay to your step brother and his family. For me ajay is sin of my husband.
Vani calls there. Gaitri sister of Parkash calls him. Vani says is parkash there? She says yes. Gaitri says is there something wrong between you two? Vani says give him phone. Gaitri says he said he wont talk to you ever.

Kaviya says please dad. He says I wont’ change my mind. I have been hurt so many times. Kaviya says but mama is missing you. He says she didn’t even call me. She doesn’t feel anything for me. Kaviya says sorry on her behalf. He says no vani should do that. You should respect each other only that saves a relationship. I won’t come back home till she comes here and apologizes herself.

Rani says why are kaviya and sartak not back. Did they not find him even there? Ajay says don’t worry he will come back. Kaviya comes in and says dad won’t come back.


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