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Vani Rani 1st December 2017 Written Episode Update

Vani Rani Divided


Vani Rani 1st December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Vani Rani 1st December 2017 Written Episode Update Sartak says to ajay I told you these people will neverr own you. They made sure you see that you are the step son of this house. Sartak says lets go Anjali. I am with you. This all doesn’t matter to you. This aadi is no one to you. He holds her hand and takes her. Anjali’s knot is tied to Adi. Sartak holds her hand and takes her. Anjali looks at her dad. He says no Anjali. Anjali leaves Sartak’s hand. Sartak is dazed. She says I am sorry sartak. I can’t come with you. Pardon me. I married Adi. I can’t go now. He is my husband now. Please forgive me. She is crying. Sartak claps and says wow. Very good. What a game plan. Two cheaters became one and the one who got cheated stood alone. Wow. Really good. Anjali says no sartak. He says shut up.

Don’t take my name. Girls like you only deserve to be made fun of. Girls like you don’t deserve any love and respect. The difference between you and me is that you are the one who loves one guy one day and other next day. I only love one woman. For you people marriage is like a business deal. Adi is more profit. So you sold yourself. You have stooped so low. Adi says enough sartak.

Sid calms him down. Nandani takes Anjali with her. Adhi says mind your language. Sartak says what will you do? He says ma ask him to shut up. Rani shoves him and says so what? She slaps him. Adi is dazed. Rani says otherwise what will you do? What else is remaining? You took my son’s happiness from me. You broke his heart and asking him to shut up? What was his mistake? Why should he tolerate. You took his bride. You took his love and why should he shut up? I won’t stop him today. I will stand by my son for the first time. Like your parent always stand by you and spoiled you to this extent. We should have done it way before. I was at mistake that I thought their and our sons are same. Always preferred theirs sons over mine. Ajay says calm down. Rani says no. No one will stop me today. Nandani says ma.. Rani says quite. You won’t say a word.

Rani says to prabha what were you saying? What favors were you talking about? i feed their kids with my hands. If they did a favor, my favor is bigger. You Parkash.. You write that we wasted our lives for you. Our life won’t come back. You can never return our favors. Our years of servants won’t come back. She says to vani you are big people.. She how big you are. You like keeping dogs.. For you were those dogs. You used us. Why did you do this? Why did you punish my son like this? Answer me. Ajay says yes you have to give an answer today. But before Vani Parkash will give an answer. He knew everything. When I asked you where was adi? You said he is getting ready but adi was in mandap. Why did you lie? You have answer me today.


Vani Rani 4th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Rani says to Parkash today I know where did adi get all this from? He learned it from his father. Vani says enough. You people get insulted here then why are you here? Go from this house. Rani and her family will not live here. Go from here.

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