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Vani Rani 1st January 2018 Written Episode Update

Adi Hits Avinash


Vani Rani 1st January 2018 Written Episode Update on

Vani Rani 1st January 2018 Episode Start With Vani recalls everytime Nandani played her and harmed her family. Vani says Sid will be really hurt. Should I talk to him? Nandani gives sid tea. He says thank you so much. He says you should care for yourself more. She says I do. Vani comes there. She says sid come to my room when you are free.

Vani says to Sid i wanted your help in some case. She tells him story of their house in terms of a client. Vani says what should that son do now? He says we have to be wise. We have to prove that girl married the client’s son for her mission only. Then only his son can see the real face of his wife and they will all hate her. Vani says very wise. thank you so much. Vani says so I should expose this nandani first.

Ajay and Sartak are leaving. Vani says best of luck. Sartak says thank you. Ajay says Sartak you leave I will go a bit late. Ajay says rnai you sleep. You need rest. He says you put salt in place of sugar in the yogurt.

Scene 2
Sid comes to Vani and says please sign these files. Vani says I know that there is workload. He says I was thinking.. Vani says you have manage alone. This is the best time to prove yourself. I know you wont disappoint me. Sid says in heart how do I tell mama that want to spend time with Nandani. Vani says in heart I have to keep her away from you.

Kaviya says I am really worried. Adhi has left. You know his anger. Anjali says he is your brother. Anjali says I hope he doesn’t do what I am scared of.
Adi comes to studio and breaks everything. Avi comes and says what are you doing. Adi hits him badly. Adi says how dare you blackmail my sister. I will kill you. He leaves. avinash is injured badly.

Prabha comes to kitchen. Nandanin says you scared me. Prabha says how will we know whose child is Anjali carrying. Nandani says how would i know. I have to cook all this for Vani.
Avinash gets call from his clients and says sorry I can’t come. Avinash says now see what I do Kaviya.

Sartak comes to Kundra. He says I don’t need you. parkash got the tender. I will give you a small job. Sartak says I promised you you will get this tender and I will get you. He says but how? Sartak says it has not been commenced from Parkash’s company. i will get you this tender. I am sure Parkash will make a mistake. I know him very well. He takes wrong decisions in anger. Kundra says I am very happy to have you.


Vani Rani 2nd January 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Sid says to Rani i am so lucky nandani is my wife. She holds my life together. Rani says in heart should I tell her. Vani says to Nandani I saw the file I am shocked you made such stupid mistakes. you can’t handle this at all.

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