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Vani Rani 20th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Rani Comes To Vani’s House


Vani Rani 20th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Vani Rani 20th December 2017 Episode Start With Parkash says to doctor treat her and make her better. Doctor says she has taken a lot of stress.
Parkash says this is all because of Rani.
Rani tells Ajay Vani is not well at all. Sartak says ma pleasse.. Ajay says she is Vani’s sister first and then your mom. She didn’t do anything wrong. Sartak says Parkash doesn’t understand that. Parkash insulted her.
Parkash says after all this she came here as well. Adi says when did ma come? Why did you not let her in? Sid says dad ma came and you didn’t tell us. Adi says you didn’t let her meet mama.

Rani prays for Vani’s health with everyone. Kaviya says do you even know how connected mama and ma are? They are twins. Mama would have better if ma came. You did so wrong. Parkash says don’t tell me whats wrong and whats right. Vani is my wife I know whats better for her.

Scene 2
Mishti and Sartak and Ajay leave for work and school. Vani says I will be fine don’t worry. Sartak has an interview.
Bijli comes to Vani’s house with a woman and says this is my mausi. Nandani says why is her face hidden? Bijli says they cover faces. Nandani says that wont work here. Ask her to remove the ghughat. Its Rani. Rani doesn’t. Prabha says she is saying no. Nandani says I will do that. SHe comes close. Bijli say she has vowed she wont uncover her face until her husband comes back. Please don’t do that. Prabh says what stupid woman. Nandani says go and wash the utensils. Rani says in heart what happened to Nandani? She ws never this rude. Prabha says whats your name. Rani says my name is Kasturi. Nandani says go and cook. Don’t dare stealing.

Rani comes in the kitchen and cooks with Bijli. Parkash comes and she coverss her face again. Parkash says who is that? She says she is my mausi. Rani takes the food towards Vani’s room. Prabha stops her and says give me my food.

Adhi is in his room. He eats food and says it tastes like ma’s made. Rani comes to his room. Mishti comes home and sees Rani isn’t home. She asks Ajay. Ajay says she might have gone to market.
Ajay says can you make tea? Mishti says I dont’ know how to maake tea. Adi comes in and says but I do know. Mishti smiles.


Vani Rani 21st December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sartak says to Adi get out of here. Your dad why doesn’t he throw money to get Vani well. Sartak says mind your language. Nandani tells her parents everything. Rani overhears.

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