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Vani Rani 21st December 2017 Written Episode Update

Rani Gets To Know Nandani’s Reality


Vani Rani 21st December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Vani Rani 21st December 2017 Episode Start With Mishti hugs Adi and says papa see adi is here. Adi says where is ma? Adi says lets make tea for papa. Adi is making tea.
Kaviya is crying. She says I can’t even share my problem with anyone. Rani comes in as mausi. She says I have brought food for you. I have made fruit chat for you. Kaviya says how you know i like it? Rnai says Bijli told me your ma used to make it for you. Kaviya says ma really loves us but she left this house. I feel so alone. Ma isn’t here and mama isn’t well either. I can’t handle anything. Rani says don’t cry that doesn’t give any solution. Your smile will make your mom better. God will fix everything. Eat this I will come back again to check. Kaviya eats the chat.

Mishti says I got the shock. I saw so many lights.Adi says don’t joke about it. We were so upset that we couldn’t even come to you. This all is happening because of me. he says the tea smells so good. Ajay isn’t talking to him.

Scene 2
Nandani opens the gates. Its her parents. She says ma papa you all here. Her dad says we know about your plan. Her mom says this is so wrong. Nandani says better that you both know so I can come there openly. You now know I married here to ruin this house and avenge mandvika’s death. Her mom says no one forced her do suicide. We know what happened. Her dad says Vani rani are really nice. Sid really loves you don’t do all this for Radhay’s hate. Aloka says please dont do all this. Sid comes home. Nandani is shocked.

sartak says to Adi what are you doing here? Haven’t your filled enough fire in our lives. Adi says I know you don’t like me coming here. Sartak says still you dont have any shame. Adi says mama isn’t well she needs ma. I am really sorry. Sartak says shame on you people. Ma went there and your dad kicked her out. I wont let her go again. If your dad can buy anything then go ask him to buy treatment. Adi says mind your language. Sartak says what will you do.

Sid touches their feet. He says please come in. Aloka says we ccame here to see Vani. Sid says please come in. Aloka says take care of your mom. Nandani says they are going to temple. Sid says okay. Nandani says how will I keep sid away from me.
Sartak hits Adi. Ajay says stop Ssartak. Sid says nandani touch their feet. Aloka says stay happy you both. Sid says thank you ma. They leave. Sid smiles at Nandani. She smiles back. He says are you happy? She nods. Rani overheard everything. She recalls everything Nandnai used to say. Rani says so I was right. Nandani is doing something. You came here to ruin this house. I wont let you win this game.


Vani Rani 22nd December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Rani says I am sorry jiji. Nandani did all this.It was all her game. Vani says in sub consciousness Vani.

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