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Vani Rani 22nd August 2017 Written Episode Update


Vani Rani 22nd August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Mishit opens the door vani is fine. She says are you fine? Mishti says rani said that suffocate in enclosed spaces. Vani says don’t overreact. I have to go to court.
Adi says we will be caught.
Vani is looking for her shoes. Rani prays that things go well. Everyone is doing breakfast. Vani comes downstairs and says where are all my shoes. Rani goes in kitchen. Adi says will you eat this sandwich? She says don’t act smart. Where are my sandals? Adi says how would I know? Kaviya did you? She says no. Mishti says mummy I think you forgot it somewhere. Vani says how can I forget them all somewhere? Ranbi says almonds can help. Adi says you are right.

Vani says I don’t have time for all this. Tell me where my sandals are? i can look for them. Rani says we also want you to find something before it gets lost.
Vani looks for her sandals everywhere. She is getting late for a meeting. She sees something.

Mishti says what will mummy do? She says I think she will take off. Vani comes downstairs wearing Parkash’s shoes and goes outisde.
Kaviya is crying outside. She recalls parkash saying I won’t come back. Vani sees her and sits nex to her. She sees the photo and says you are so little in this photo. I am sorry for yesterday. Kaviya says I am sorry too. Only you can bring dad back.
We know you love us. He is hurt. We know you love him. i know you are angry but love is about takin care of each other even in anger. Sid says lets go mom. She leaves.

Vni comes to court wearing shoes. People notice her. Vani recalls Kaviya crying and asking her to bring parkash home. Her peon comes and tells her about meeting. Sid says here are the details. She says postpone the meeting. i have something more important to do.
Rani is going somewhere. She says we have to do this. Rani says pandit ji has told this to change positions in the house. She asks raj to change the position of furniture. She says God will be happy and parkash will come home. Parkash says I am home. Vani smiles.


Vani Rani 23rd August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vani says he didn’t come alone. Someone else came too. Parkash’s mom comes in. She says to rani i will kick you out.