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Vani Rani 25th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Vani Rani 25th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Police arrests Rani. Ajay and adi are trying to save her. Vani comes there and stops the police. Ajay says these people.. Adi.. Vani says why are you taking this action? He says Radhay complained that she came to their house to harm them and steal. Adi says they are lying. They had detained ma. Vani says his accusations are baseless. He said my sister came here to harm them. Ask them what is missing from his house? Or what is bruise on them? Tell them to show. They detained my sister in room and hit my sister. I file a case on them. Radhay says I am not scared of your law. Vani says law is not there to scare. Law doesn’t work on your anger on animosity.
If the case is filed radhay will be under it as well. They leave Rani.

Everyone comes home. Vani says Adi get bandage done.. Everyone is dazed to see him. Prabha says what happened? Who hit you? sit here. Kaviya brings first aid. She says what happened ajay? Prabha says rani because of you he got bruised. You would get them killed. You would have saved if it was sartak, but you didn’t save adi. See Gaitri.

Gaitri says they are eating of my brother and doing this. Vani says ma ji please don’t overreact. Parkash says my mom is right. He looks at Adhi’s face. Vani says.. Parkash says don’t defend them today please. Look at adi. His bruises speak of the fakeness of their love. They only pretend. They never love their kids. Why did ajay not take sartak, Why did why choose adi’s life to risk? Ajay says no this is not right. I can’t even imagine. i didn’t know what was happening there. Adi saw on the road. Parakhs says I know you two very well. If I can keep snakes i can always kill their poison too. If you ever harm my kids I will be worst.

Gaitri’s husband says if she stays here she will ruin their life. I have to take her back home.
Prabha says to Parkash I tell you to keep your eyes open. These ajay and rani re jealous of your money and success. They use your kids and harm them. Sartak was here and your son was beaten up there. Why did rani go there.

Scene 2
Gaitri’s husband says lets pack bags. You played so well people might do bad eye on you. You have gotten a lottery of 10 lacs. Remember the one we brought. She says oh God. I can’t believe this. He says we might lose it. We have to reach there by tomorrow. She says so we have to go home? He says but you dont wanna go home? She says I will go. I can’t lose that money. I will tell ma.
Parkash says vani never understands. She always goes to help them. Prabha says Rani is manipulating your family. What if something happened to Adi. Vani says nothing would happen.


Vani Rani 26th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ajay fixes the machines of Prakahs’s office. Vani says Rani never went there in 20 years someone surely manipulated her.

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