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Vani Rani 26th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Kaviya Goes For Abortion


Vani Rani 26th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Vani Rani 26th December 2017 Episode Start With Prabha comes in and says I was right. ANjali says what? Prabha says I knew you would be here. Nandani says to Sid they are still mad at me. Mama is in shock. we should concentrate on mom’s health. Sid says you are right.
Anjali and Kaviya come to hospital. Rani calls Anjali.

Doctor comes. Anjali picks the call. Rani says how is vanni? She says mama is fine now. Rani says Mishti wanted to talk to mama. Anjali says I am at hospital. Rani says I feel bad that you are alone. I have made halwa for you. eat it so your child is healthy. Sartak comes in. Rani is dazed. He leaves in anger. Sartak reads newspaper about Parkash’s rival company. He says I will help them.

Doctor says this abortion can’t be done. We can’t take this risk. Its almost impossible.You have to give birth to this child. Kaviya is worried. ANjali and Kaviya leave. Kaviya says what will happen now.
Sartak calls Mr. Kundra and says I can get you national highway tender. I can get you more benefit than Parkash. I have known his accounts. I can help you. I am Sartak his nephew. Mr. Kundra asks him to meet. Sartak says now I will tell you Parkash. He says you will regret Anjali

Scene 2
Anjali says to Kaviya please be strong. I am with you. Kaviya gets a text from Avi. He sends her their physical video. Kavyia calls him and says are you trying to blackmail me? He says calm down. it will have bad affect on baby. Kaviya says I am not scared. Do whatever you want. He says I will make it viral but your mama should see it first. Give me money. kaviya says go to hell. She sits down crying.

Anjali is making milk. Prabha says is everything good? She says yees. Prabha says I will come with you next time. Prabha says I will ask everything. Whats the date? Anjali says I will give you all the details.

Adi is playing with Mishti in street. Sartak comes there. He says Mishti go inside. Sartak says what are these sweets for? You first took my girl and married her. ANd now you are here to give sweet for making children with her. You both are shameless and cheaters. What a couple. Congratulations on being a father. I will thank you that I couldn’t marry that cheater anjali because of you. Who knows whose child it is. Tell ANajli I will be far richer. Get lost now. Adi says why did Anjali lie? Whose child is it then?


Vani Rani 27th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Anjali calls Sartak and says I want to tell you something very important about this pregnancy. Please meet me. Prabha overhears. Kaviya takes poison.

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