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Vani Rani 28th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Vani Rani 28th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Sid says to Sartak and Adi’s friends. He says lets go home.
Parkash says to Vani you can talk to Rani and stop her from doing all this. Vani says I am sure who provoked her but I can handle this. Sartak saved adi’s life. He is in jail. I am worried for all the kids. Thank Sartak for saving Adi. They do this because they are united. Don’t drag kids in all this.

Sartak comes home. Rani hugs him. he says are you okay? Sartak says how is adi? Sid says he is fine too. Rani says let me make tea for everyone. All the boys say I am fine.

They see Anjali making Adi have the soup. She says how do you like it? his friends smirk. His friend say we came our and everything ha changed. SHe says I already apologized. I won’t have told them. He says they had real hockeys. Its not your mistake. Don’t worry. She says I am sorry adi. He says its okay. I am not angry. She says get well soon. His friends say what are you falling into? He says are you and her? Adi says what? Are you mad? you bet that you would make her say sorry you did. Now you will win that game when you make her your lover.

Anjali comes out and she is about to fall. Sartak holds her. Rani comes. She says leave this bowl Anjali. Rani says did adi forgive? She says yes he did. Rani says I wish Sartak my jiji understood like your brother too? Anjali says whom are you talking about? She says my jiji. Why did you call brother? rani says sartak and adi are brothers. Anjali is dazed.
Anjali says to Sartak you guys never told you. Wow. You both played with me. I used to come to you with adi’s complaints. Enough. Now I know very well how nice you actually are. He says listen.. She says don’t ever talk to me again. She leaves.

Scene 2
Sid recalls Nandani in his dreams. He laughs in dreams. Rani sees him. She says what is wrong with him?

Anjali recalls everything. She says Sartak lied? She says why didn’t they tell me. What was the drama behind this? but why?
Adi says I have to hook her up. Now it is my game.
Sartak says she would be thinking I am a liar. God. No Anjali I didn’t want to do this.

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