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Vani Rani 29th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Adhi Gets To Know About Kaviya’s Pregnancy


Vani Rani 29th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Vani Rani 29th December 2017 Episode Start With Vani says to Nandani have food you have been working all day. Just bring me salad. Prabha says Kaviya why are you not eating? Kaviya says I am. Parkash says to Nandani bring glasses. We have a good news. First good news it that Vani is fine. Second is that i will be a grand father. Third is that I cracked a huge deal. Everyone is happy. Parkash opens the wine bottle and everyone cheers. He gives it to everyone. Anjali and Kaviya are scared. Adi sees that Anjali spilled Kaviya’s glass deliberately. Parkash says its okay i will give you more. Kaviya says no I dont’ want it. Adi is in a shock. He looks at Kaviya. Adi stands up. Parkash says what happened? He goes to his room. Anjali says in heart he knows everything. Anjali says I will see. Anjali says to Adi please stay quite.He goes to his room.

Anjali says please try to understand. he says understand what? You both played this game.. Kaviya isn’t married. What ma said was right. Who is he? Anjali says avinash that photographer. He used Kaviya and is also recording it. He is blackmailing her. Doctor says abortion can’t be done. Adi says I will kill that guy. Kaviya comes in.
Kaviya says I am sorry. He says I will talk to you later. I have to kill that avinsha first. Anjali says that is not the solution. Adi says quite. Is this solution? You both lied to us. Everyone had false hopes. Have you both seen mom’s condition? What will happen when she gets to know reality? What will she do when she gets to know that her umarried daughter is pregnant. Anjali says please listen. Adi says just quite both of you. I will handle it my way now. I wont leave Avinash. I will kill him. Anjali and Kviya stop him. Kaviya locks the door from outside. Anjali says I won’t let you go. She falls on him.

Scene 2
ITs night. Ajay says where is rani? Where can she go at this hour?
Anjali says to adi please calm down. I know you are angry. Adi says I can’t believe this. Kaviya is.. How can she be so stupid? Anjali says she was in love. He gave her an impression that he loved her. Adi says she doesn’t have a brain? Ankali says she was in love. There is nothing wrong or right. You made mistakes in love too. You tried killing yourself too. Where was your mind? Adi sits down in distress. he says I am responsible for all this. I couldn’t be a good son, husband or brother. I did so wrong with you. God is taking revenge from me this way. You helped Kaviya. If she asked you for help and not us that means we as a family failed in her eyes. ma isn’t here either. This house is not a home anymore. I don’t know what do do. He says I am really sorry. I did so wrong with you. This is all my punishment which is given to my sister. He hugs her crying.

Rani comes home and sees everyone is asleep. She does arti. She says i wont’ tell anyone anything. Ajay wakes up.

Anjali falls asleep on Adi’s shoulder. Someone knocks at the door. Its Kaviya. Kaviya says to Adi I am sorry. Its a huge mistake I know. Adi hugs her and says he will have to apologize. I am with you don’t worry. I am not mad at you. You wont cry. we will teach him a lesson.

Ajay says to Ranni what are you hiding? Rani says nothing. Ajay wonders what is rani upto.


Vani Rani 1st January 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Anjali says adi is your brother he will react of course. Kaviiya says but you know his anger. Adi hits Avinash badly. Mr. Kundra says to sartak Parkash cracked this deal.

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