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Vani Rani 30th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Vani Rani 30th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Rani takes the sari. Prabha says Kaviya where were you? Kaviya says I was taking shower. Prabha says your hair are not wet? She says she was wearing cap. Prabha says then why are there leaves on your leaves? Go to your room.

Mishti says adi please play monopoly with me. Kaviya says I am so done with dadi. Kaviay says how is that girl in college who gave autograph on your face? He says I have scared her. She fears me. Sid says you know so much about girls? Everyone is shocked. Adi says why aare you asking that? Do you need any help? Sid says how do we know if something is special? Everyone says ohhhh.

Prabha calls Gaitri. She tells her how she has bounced the game.
Adi says you found the girl? Kaviya says who is she? Mishti says did it ring guitar in your heart? Adi says his heart will have sitar not guitar. Kaviya and mishti dance around him. Sartak comes and says stop it.
Prabha tells Gaitri everything.
Sartak says adi you had my accounts book. He takes adi out with him. He says ask your friends to stop annoying that girl. He says why are you taking her side? Sartak says don’t do something that gets you on my cycle again.

Scene 2.
Nandai gives file to Vani. She says did you give me case file? She says I am sorry I made mistake. Vani says sid ask her to go. nandani says sorry. Sid returns her the file. Vani says she is so irresponsible.

Rani is massaging Prabha’s feet. Ajay comes and says you are here. Okay I will see you later. Prabha says take your toy from here. Rani is dazed. She says what happened. Prabha says when I kill the mosquito it turns on. And the bill would be too high because of it. Take it. Ajay says okay I am taking. Prabha laughs and says I was joking. I really like it. Rani says you scared us. You should start its business. i think it will run. Ajay says you like it thats enough for me. Prabha says to Rani talk to him that he should work on this idea. I will talk to parkash for investment. Rani says no no let me convince Ajay.

Rani comes to ajay and says listen to me. He says you know how many times have I failed. Rani says we should never give up. There is always a chance. Rani says ma ji can ask parkash for money. He says no they have given me a lot. I should try taking loan from bank. She says yeah thats a better idea.


Vani Rani 31st August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Banker says your idea seems professional. Bank needs some guarantee though. Like if you can give some property as guarantee. Paraksh says to ajay the banker called me. Is this why you are living here.

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