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Vani Rani 3rd November 2017 Written Episode Update


Vani Rani 3rd November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Vani Rani 3rd November 2017 Episode Start With Vani says what are you trying to say? Prabha says Adi plug this CD in so everyone sees Naandani’s real face. The video plays on Nandani’s.
Nandani says on call they are so nice people. They help me so much and they care so much for me. Rani hugs Nandani says and we just want to see you happy. Prabha smiles and Nandani smiles back to her. Vani says wait.. MA ji you were saying you will show the real face of Nandani. If Nandani is talking to someone on call thats her private life and you shouldn’t record it. Prabha says I said bad things about her and I don’t want you to treat her bad. I want you all to know how nice she is. Nandani says thanks Dadi you did so much for me.

At night. Nandani comes to Prabha. Prabha says here to thank me? Do that. Nandani says you had golden chance why did you not tell anyone? Prabha says I made you great in everyone’s eyes. NAdani says why? Prabha says I play slow. I was anrgy at you but then I realized you are here to ruin these two sisters. I am here for the same. you don’t know my story? Sit. I want to separate rani and vani too. Vani took my son from me. So we are friends. Would you be in my team? They shake hands. Nadnai says how did you do that? Prabha says mimicry artist.

Scene 2
Rani is doing mimicry and the kids enjoy. She imitates Rani. Kaviya says do of Vani. Rani says no. And don’t say that. Adi says of dadi please. Nandani says am its upto you. Rani does Prabha’s acting. Parkash is coming downstairs. He is angry. He leaves in anger. Rani says you all get me stuck every time. She goes after Parkash.

Vani says to Sartak you should try in this college. Parkash comes and says my mom is being mocked at. Your sister is like a child. She doesn’t know any manners. She has no shame. She was making fun of my mom. What would nandani think? That any one can make fun of elders here. rani comes and says sorry. Parkash says you always do this drama. Vani says fun is fun till it stays in limits. Vani says to Sartak should we make fun of elders? Sartak says no mama. Vani says I won’t tolerate audacity from anyone in this house. Nandani says mama.. Rani says sorry. It is my mistake. I will be careful. Nandani says everyone forced her. Vani says she is elder she should have said no.
Nandani says to Rani I feel bad for you. Lets go to Vani and tell herr everything. Rani says I won’t go there. Vani says Nandani is sensible. I like her.


Vani Rani 6th November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : njali says Sartak I really love Adi. I want to marry him. Sartak tells Rani how much he loves Anjali. He cries and says why I come after Adi everytime.

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