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Vani Rani 4th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Vani Rani 4th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Parkash bring Prabha home. Everyone comes there. Rani says are you okay? She doesn’t answer. Adi says are you okay? Vani says she will be fine. Prabah says it will take days to be better. Ran says please forgive him. He is worried. Prabha says parkahs no one likes me here. Please send be back. Parkash says no ma. Rani says should I massage your feat? Prabha says you two stay away from me. Vani says kids go to sleep.
Vani says don’t worry ajay. She is fine. Its not your mistake. Rani says thank jijij.

Kaviya looks for her phone. She asks mishti. She says is it in dadi’s room. She sneaks in prabha’s room. She takes her phone. She sees water on her phone. It was next to lamp. There is water all over lamp. She says who put water on this lamp. Prabha comes there. She says what are you doing here? Kaviya says came here to see you. Show me your hand. Prabha says go and sleep. Kaviya looks at the water on her lamp. She says in heart mishti was so right.

Kaviya comes and tells mishti what she saw. Prabah is cleaning the water from lamp. She says if someone sees they will doubt. Vani overhears her.
Kaviya says dadi haas done wrong with papa. Mishti says she made papa cry. Kaviya says now we will make her cry. They make a solution and mix it on prabha’s face wash. The apply something on her face and leave. They leave.

Scene 2
Next morning, dadi wakes up. Mishti is on her ddoor. Vani comes and says mishti what are you doing here? She says I went to call dadi for breakfast. She was taking her meds. You call her.
vani comes to Prbha’s room. She turns around her face is fine. Mishti says her face is fine? Our plan failed.
Rani says get ready.
Prabha says my hand hurts. My parkash will make me eat. He makes Prabha eat. Mishti wonders how did this happen. Dadi says this happens sometimes. Where is your kaviya? she must have stayed up. Mishti says let me bring her. Prabha says no sit here.
Rani serves the food. She says its so spicy. Parkash says to rani make less spicy food. Ma doesn’t like it. Mishti says but your words are so spicy. Adi says no that would be boring food. Kaivya comes and says no I will eat spicy food only. Everyone is dazed to see her. Her face has all the scars they planned on giving to dadi. Rani says what you put on your face. Kaviya screams.


Vani Rani 5th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vani says are you sure?Was this plan for someone else? Vani asks kaviya and mishti what is your problem with dadi?

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