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Vani Rani 5th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Vani Rani 5th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Prabha recalls how she woke up after the girls left. She applied the same haldo on Kaviya’s face later. Kaviya looks at mishti. Vani says was this prank for someone else and backfired? Adi says one selfie please. Kaviya goes to her room. Mishti goes after her.
Vani says where is ajay? sartak take breakfast for him. Rani says he went to bank in the morning to return the loan.

The banker says you shouldn’t return this. This will really hurt vani. She had high hopes from you.
Parkash says he finally used his brain. He keeps sitting here in this house. Sartak leaves. Prabha says see kids don’t understand elders. Vani says elders housld understand kids first.

Kaviya says dadi this all this. I am sure, she ruined papa’s plan. We will plan something again. Lets see what i do now. Rani comes in. She says what was wrong? I.. Kaviya says dadi is so clever. Rani says what are you saying. Mishti says you have no idea what is she doing. Rani says shut up. Don’t annoy her anymore promise me. Vani comes there. Rani leaves.

Scene 2
Ad’s friend ask him to make anajli his gf. He says i hate her. Anjali says same here. I hate you too. Adi turns back. She says we can’t murder each other though. But principal sent this circular. HE wants me to monitor your project. He says what class are you in? She say way above your low class. Read it and start working.

Vani says tell me when will you tell me truth? Mishti says I.. Kaviya says mummy it is not our mistake. I applied haldi over night. Vani says I want to know the truth. Kaviya says we are not hiding anything from you. Vani try. I will find out what is your problem with dadi and why. Mishti says you could just tell her truth.
Kaviay says we have to expose dadi.

Prabha looks for her pot. Its in the fountain. It turns on when she goes close. Mishti and Kaviya annoy dadi in every possible way. They leave a fake snake in her room and scare her. Prabha screams. She says what mistake I did that snake came in my room. Mishti says you apologize for your sins. She says Ajay.. I.. Mishti is recording. Rani comes in and says what is this rubber pipe doing here. Kaviay says it was a pipe. Oh we God scared.

Mishti says our idea flopped. Kaviya says I have another idea.


Vani Rani 6th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Mishti and Kaviya are taking milk to Prabha’s room. Vani says give to me. I will drink it. Kaviya says no mummy please

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