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Vani Rani 6th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Vani Rani 6th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Kaviya says ma give me this milk I will take this for dadi. They mixx something in it.
Adi says to Sartak are you on my side or hers? Saratak says i dont’ want you to get in more trouble. Adi says I know how to solve my problems.

Kaviya says to Prabha I brought milk for you. Prabah says no no I won’t drink it. Rani says what happened? Rani says I made it. There is nothing wrong in it. Rani says drink it please. She picks the glass and sneaks. The milk falls down. Rani says dont’ worry I will send another glass. Prabha says yes send Bijli this time.
Rani saays you did mix something in it? KAivyaa says did you see how she threw the glass. They sneak in the kitchen and mix something in the new glass.

Anjali says I will we should arrange competition. Adi says competition in party? You are so boring. Her friends and his friends start arguing. Principal comes and says what are you doing.
Ajay comes to Parkash. He says I have returned the loan. I never wanted to hurt you. I am sorry. Parkash says you would have ruined it anyway. And that lamp, what if something happened ot ma. Ajay says I won’t let anythung happen. Parkash says go now..
Principal says you can’t organize program like this. I have to make a referee between you two who will arrange things between you. Anjali says sartak.. Saratak is dazed. Principal says to sartak these two teams will work together and you are their moderator. Saratak stares them and leaves.

Kaviya is taking the milk. Vani says bring it here. Mishti says what milk? Vani says the one you two made. Kaviya says bijli made it. This is for dadi. Vani says bring it to me. I will drink it. Mishti gives her the milk glass. She takes the glass. KAviya throws it away and it breaks. Vani says enough. I am not stupid. I can ssee what is happening here. Who planned all this?
She overheared the and saw them making milk for Prabha. Vani says tell me truth now. And stop all this. She leaves. Rani says you do this all the time. Go and talk to her.

Scene 2
Parkahs is working. Prabha comes to him. He says come sit ma. She says why don’t you rest. See there is table in hall work on it. He says that is Vani’s desk. She says vani rules your house. Ajay has room to work but you are here. Parkash says its his workshop. PRabha says who knows what dangerous things he makes there. Parkash says nothing would happen. She says i don’t understand rules vani made for this house. She says put a belt in your neck. Parkash says thats collar. Belt is for dogs. Prabha says same thing. Vani rules.


Vani Rani 7th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Parkash asks ajay to leave his workshop room. He says I need a room. Vani meets her dad. She says I collided with your son by mistake. If you think I have ego then I got that from you.

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