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Vani Rani 7th December 2017 Written Episode Update


Vani Rani 7th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Vani Rani 7th December 2017 Episode start with Rani leaves the house. Everyone is crying. Vani is crying as well. Mishti says we don’t even have a house. Where will we go? Rani says we will arrange something. They sit on the road.
Prabhs asy you did right Parkash. Don’t worry this should have happened before. Mishti sleeps in Rani’s lap. Ajay says I know you are worried. He says just waiting. Will you tell me why these tears? She says nothing. Ajay says I know you are upset,

Prabhaa says to Parkash if you are upset i will feel like my idea was wrong. If that is so I will go back with Gaitri. Prabha says please say something. Parkash says ma please dont’ go. You don’t have to go from here. You were right. Better that they left. They have no respect for my favors. Now they will know what money is. Now they will live on roads. God gives your roof not house. God gives hunger not food.

Ajay says I know you are hurt. I knew you couldn’t do this. What made you do this. Rani says there was no other way. This wasn’t easy for me either. The kids that I brought up, I left them all. It really hurt me. I know Vani is hurt as well. The hate between Adi and Sartak was so much that two mothers couldn’t stop it. did you see Sartak’s anger? I had to choose one. Otherwise we would have lost both. They would have done something extreme. THat is why I left the house. That is maybe Vani didn’t stop me either. I had to do this. Ajay says we will find a way out. I am sure Vani would know why you did this.

Vani is crying in her room. She recalls what happened. Sartak brings food. Mishti says this is so dirty. Rani says eat it. Sartak says I am not hungry. Ajay says please eat. He says I will eat. A kid comes and steals the food. He runs. Rani says let him take it. She says to Ajay we have to find a place to live. Ajay says there are huts near. Mishti says what.. We will live in a hut?

Scene 2
Nandani comes to Vani and says please drink this milk. Vani says I dont’ want anything. NAndani says I know you are really hurt. Rani didn’t even talk to you once. VAni says I dont’ want to talk to anyone.
Ajay looks for rooms. Parkash says to Adi I did this to save Anjali. I can’t tell Vani. She wont understand. If she gets to know she will break her relationship with me. Adi says you care about your marriage? I am thinking about Anjali. What was her mistake? Vani comes in and says no mistake. Come with me adi. Adi says what happened? Vani says you don’t deserve to ask anything. Parkash asks Prabha did i do rright? Prabha says I hope he doesn’t tell vani. You did right. Gaitri and Lekhraj left.

Vani says to Anjali you don’t have to be scared of anyone. I am with you. If you wanna break this marriage you can. Don’t take any pressure. Prabha says you will break your son’s marriage? Vani says that was bluff not marriage. Anjali is crying.


Vani Rani 8th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vani says if you wanna leave this marriage you can. Anjali says I will not break this marriage. Rani says please show me a way God.

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