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Vani Rani 7th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Vani Rani 7th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Adi says first she messed with me then brought my brother in between. Prabha says the match is going so good.
Sid and sartak come in too. Prabha says sartak get up, don’t sit idly like your dad. Bring juice for me. Sid says I will bring it. Kaviya says I will bring it. Adi says no I will. Mishti says I will. Vani comes and says no one will. Ma ji everyone has their duties in this house. This is Bijli’s job. She will do it. Prabha says ask her to come to my room. Bijli comes and gives her juice. Rani gives juice to all the kids. They enjoy the match. Vani doesn’t take juice. Rani says whats the score? Vani says 200.. but stops. Rani keeps standing there with one glass. Vani takes it. Rani smiles.

Rani is doing pooja. She says you know whats in my heart. Bring only happiness in this house. Parkash is sitting. He says send ajay here. Ajay comes. Parkash says the workload is increasing so wanted to have a space in house. Ajay saays thats good. Parkahs says I want your workshop room. Ajay and rani are dazed. Parkash says I will make my office there.
Parkash says any problem? he says no no. You are right. Anything else? Parkash says no.

Everyone is preparing for party. Anjali falls from stool. Sartak holds her. She says thank you. The nerd girl says thank you jan. I mean thank you for saving Anjali. Anjali says what is adi upto? he can take you to his team. I won’t let him win this time.
Adi and his friends are planning how to go against anjali.
Anjali saays I will make him suffer. Adi says make sure she doesn’t get to know sartak is my brother.

Rani says to ajay you should talk to vani. We can’t empty that room. You made so much things with heart there. He says they are useless. He asked me something for first time. I will give him. He leaves. Rani is crying.

Scene 3
Vani is in court. Her dad is there too. He says look at her ego. She forgot who raised her. She says your son collided with my assistant. If you think I have ego then it came from you. He says shut up. You know whom are you talking to. She says very well. She says talking to man who even insults people in temple. Person who only taunts. He says I curse you both sisters every day for what you both did 20 years ago. She says doesn’t matter because we are happy anyway. You can scare my sister with all this not me.

Rani says please dont’ wrap all these. These are your dreams. He says you are close to my heart and thats enough. Stop crying. Mishti comes. She says rani give me food. Rani says come. Kaviya says why are you eyes red? Rani says nothing. Mishti says crying for a serial again? Kvaiya says tell me. Rani says i cut onions. Mishti says tell me who annoyed you. Rani says nothing. She goes out.
Kaviya says why are you packing all this? He says I am leaving this room. Brother needs it for his office. I dont’ do anything here. It will ease his work. Kaviya says he doesn’t work from home. Ajay says he will once he sets an office here. Let me pack and go lunch.
Kaviya says to mishti dadi is behind this. She will break this house. I won’t let this happen.


Vani Rani 8th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Prabha says what is this? ajay says that cradle is the firs thing I made. She says break it. Sartak says we won’t let you do this. Adi says we have our childhood memories associated with it.

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