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Vani Rani 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Vani Rani 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Paraksh says in heart I have to stop them from coming. He pretends that he got a call. he says how can you do this. I confirmed you the address. Rani says what happened? He says I told my secretary the address. She told everyone the wrong address. People would be reaching there. Rani says then you go we are staying here. Ajay says yes we can stay here. The kids say that you will come too. Rani says we will stay here and come when all the guests reach there. What if someone comes here. parkash says she is right. They all leave.

The party starts. Parkash welcomes all the guests. Everyone appreciates Parkash for the party. Vani comes to the farm house. The lights turn off and on when she comes. They all wish her happy birthday. Vani is happy. All the kids wish her. Drishit says we were preparing all day. Vani looks here and there for rani and ajay.

Ajay says its so much traffic there. Thank God we didn’t go. Why are you upset? He says nothing. She says do you think that he did this deliberately? She says no that is not true. guests could come here. It would have been mess. Ajay says how do you think so positive.
Vani comes to Sartik. He says happy birthday. She says other people didn’t come? Drishti says they were ready but dad.. Sartik stops her.
Rani says I am sure she must be missing me. She won’t say it but I know she does. She liked playing hide and seek and found me blindfolded but now she doesn’t see me with open eyes. ITs been 20 years. She should remove that misunderstanding. She is in tears. Ajay says don’t cry. You look like joker. She smiles.

Vani cuts the cake. Everyone wishes her.
Ajay surprises Rani with halwa he made for her. He says this is your surprise. She says thank you. Vani looks here and there for Rani and ajay. Ajay puts candle on the halwa. The cuts it and he wishes her happy birthday.
All the kids are upset. Vani says why are you all not eating cake? They all eat the cake. she says come there.
Parkash says vani come here. He takes her to guests.

Ajay says the night is full of sky. Do you want to bring them for you? She says no better bring mangoes. He says okay okay.
Parkash introduces vani to judges. He says you have her case. I really wanted you to take the case in ease. The culprit is my friend. Vani says let them do their work. Parkahs says too much.


Vani Rani 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Parkash says I want to gift my wife something he gives her a necklace. Vani is leaving the party. He says the guests wont like it. Vani says what about the people you left home for these?

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