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Vani Rani 8th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Vani Rani 8th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Mishti says we have done so much but nothing bothers dadi. Adi says I have a solution. I got the idea. Sartak says why you annoy that girl. Adi says why are you worried for her? Don’t save her each time. Sartak says stop annoying her. Sid says yes I have seen you too. He says when did you come to my college? sid says I know you annoy her. You shouldn’t annoy girls. Girls are sensitive and delicate. Adi says ours one isn’t like this. you have been talking a lot about girls recently. Everyone laughs.

Sid sees Nandani i court. She is running after clients. Sid sends her a letter. It says have tea when brain is angry. The kid tells her that sid gave it. She drinks the tea. Sid drinks too. They both smile.

Ajay is packing up. She says do you need help? He says no no. She says this cradle? He says yes its the first thing I made for the kids. All kids used it. Prabha says will it stay here? It is rusted. So bad. Parkash’s office people will come here. This ruin won’t look good here. He says I will have to break it because it won’t move. She says then break it. He says okay let me bring something.

Scene 2
Ajay picks and ax to break the cradle. Adi says we won’t let you do this. Kaviya says never. It has our memories with it. Ajay says please. Don’t be childish. Adi says we grew up in it. Ajay says you won’t listen. Okay. He sits there. He says I won’t go from here and won’t eat until you guys don’t move. Rani asks kids to go. All the kids are sad. They leave. Ajay picks the ax and is about to break it. All kids are in tears. Vani comes and holds the ax. She says what are you doing ajay. You are a creative man. you make things. Thank God Kaviya called me. You are goona ruin your dreams. He says this is only taking space. She says what would kids learn from you? I know you are doing all this for Parkash. All the deals he will make won’t bring happiness that your made things do. Stop all this, this is my request and order both. He leaves the ax. Parkash and Prabha come there too. Vani says thank you. Mishti hugs vani and says you are the best.

Scene 2
Kaviya says mama did so well. Mishti says yes she is the best. Kaviya says you daddy won’t do this. Dadi is provoking him. We have to fight this dadi together. We will solve all the problems.
Rani says to ajay why are you upset? Didi handles everything.
Parkash says its not about space. You always prefer your sister and her husband above me. She says this is our family; Dont’ divide it. You always have wrong perspective. Spread love here. If someone has a bad time we should encourage them. He says because of your attitude our relationship is on this level. She says what level? he says that you discourage me all the time.

KAviya shows mishti a bottle. She says dadi is poison and poison will end that only.
Prabha goes to sleep. Kaviya and Mishti wait out side her room. She itches all night and screams. Her body is badly allergic. Everyone comes there.


Vani Rani 11th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Parkash says to Rani what do you want? You both have problem with my mom because she keeps an eye on the game you husband and wife play. Mishti says daadi is the one playing games. Parkash slaps her. Kaviya says to Vani dad did wrong. Vani says your didn’t you two did.

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