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Vignaharta Ganesh 14th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Vignaharta Ganesh 14th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with lord Shankar saying calm down devi parvati, you will get your son for sure. Parvati calms down and lord Shankar says you will get your son not because you are doing so much destruction but because I gave you a wish that you will have a son and you prayed for a son for years and got a blessing from prabhu shree hari that your son would be more beautiful than him. lord Shankar says I will give you your son, one who will have all the knowledge of this world and will be intelligent, strong and modest. Lord Shankar says my blessing wont go waste, please calm down maheshwari. Parvati closes her eyes, and all forms come back in her, she becomes small and gives life back to all gods she killed. Lord Shankar becomes normal sized too. Parvati looks at her son and is very sad, ord Shankar says uma! Goddesses say control yourself devi! Parvati cries and sits down, she says I cannot look at the dead body of my son, his lifeless body without saying mother to me gives me pain. Parvati says swami please give my son his life again, I want him to come to me and say mother to me, please do it quickly swami.

Rishi kashyap appears. Rishi says devi parvati, this has all happened because of me and not mahadev, please forgive me for that. parvati says because of you maha rishi kashyap? Kashyap says yes. He says yes mata, many years ago mahadev’s 2 disciples mali and sumali were praying to him. in flashback, mali and sumali pray for years and mahadev appears and blesses them, he gives them the wish of abhaydan. After some years mali and sumali have an army and fight against suryadev. There suryadev is ready to kill them and attacks his weapon on mali and sumali but lord Shankar appears and takes the attack, he then attacks his trishul on suryadev and kills him. rishi kashyap who is father of suryadev comes and looks at the body of his son. Rishi kashyap in anger gets up and says mahadev, you have killed my son, one day you will kill your own son with your trishul and then you will know the pain of a father.

In present, rishi kashyap says this is the result of that curse that I gave to mahadev though he did not let my son die. Rishi kashyap says mahadev, you are the god of all, you are everyone’s father and you know everything, please forgive me for my sins and give life back to your son again. rishi says forgive me mata and says now I should go. rishi kashyap goes. Lord Shankar says don’t worry uma, I will give life to our son. Lord Shankar tells the gods to wash the body with the water from mansarovar and take it to the cave. The gods do as said. Lord Shankar says uma have patience our son will be alive only when he will have a head. Mahadev says my trishul destroyed the head of our son and it cannot be used but I have a solution for that, another head shall be put on his body. Parvati says another head on my sons body? Mahadev says yes, that is the only solution. Mahadev looks at the gods and says a new head has to be found which is of the same size as son’s before was. Suryadev says prabhu where will we find a new head?

Mahadev says you have to go south, that is the best direction where you will get a head for son but remember 2 things, you all have only 2 hours till a new head is brought otherwise I wont be able to bring back son alive, and remember the child should be just born who was born only some days back and his face should be facing towards the north. All gods says towards the north? Parvati thinks in 2 hours my son will get his head and if not he wont. Indra dev thinks if we fail in bringing the head then devi parvati will be angry again! as gods are going, lord Vishnu says wait gods, even I will come and help you. all gods smiles. Lord Vishnu says devi parvati, I give you my promise that I will find a head and help in bringing your son back to life. Lord Shankar goes with the gods. Parvati thinks brother hari has given me a promise.

The gods go towards south in the forest and all gods say prabhu how will we find the head and wont it be wrong to kill a small child? Vishnu smiles and says gods don’t worry, just follow the orders of lord Shankar as if lord Shankar has said something there is a huge reason behind it, he knows everything and also knew the future of his son. Lord Vishnu says and when I am here for help then why do you worry? As they go ahead in south they find a woman with her son in the forest hugging her baby. All gods say prabhu hari we got the baby, see he is just new born. Lord Vishnu says no gods we cannot take that baby’s head. Indra dev says why shree hari? See he is new born and also of that age.

Lord Vishnu says you all are forgetting what mahadev said, he said the baby’s face should be towards the north but his is in the west. We shall go forward. As gods go forward agni dev hears a voice of a baby and says orabhu hari I heard a voice of a baby, we should go there. Suryadev says prabhu we should see what that is. Everyone go with lord Vishnu. They see a woman with her baby near the lake and all gods say see that, it looks right! Suryadev says he has the right face and head and is of same size too. Lord Vishnu says gods you make a mistake again, remember what mahadev said, the child should be new born and this child is around a year old! We cannot take his head, we still have some time left lets go find another. They go ahead as Vishnu blesses the child!

Ahead they reach deeper into the forest and finally reach to an elephant mother and her baby. Lord Vishnu smiles.

Vignaharta Ganesh 15th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : parvati says to saraswati to see inside if she could and what is going inside. Saraswati sees and says mahadev is giving life to your son and then saraswati is shocked after seeing the head. The son arises to a new life.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh Details

Story Line
tells some untold stories about the Hindu god Ganesha. The show has been dubbed in Tamil as Vinayagar


Manav Gohil
Akanksha Puri
Nirbhay Wadhwa
Uzair Basar
Gajendra Chauhan
Malkhan Singh
Rajesh Khera

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Sony TV | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min