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Vignaharta Ganesh 27th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Vignaharta Ganesh 27th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with nandi trying to call son, son looks behind with his stick and says what happened? Nandi gets scared. Son says nandi ji I am still playing with this moon, when I finish I will give it to you. nandi remembers how he was attacked with the powers from stick before and he says okay and goes. Nandi goes and tells lord Shankar that son is not giving the moon as when he asked, son also had a stick so he came back. lord Shankar says before a battle starts again, we need to take the moon back from my son.

Parvati is coming. Nandi and all gan are scared, nandi thinks what to say now? parvati comes and sees lord Shankar and has brought food for her son, she says where is son? Parvati then sees lord Shankar and says swami hat is this? The Chandra that always stays in your hair, what happened to it? where did it go? parvati says that is why I say don’t meditate so much, you lost the moon which can affect the balance of the world. Parvati says where is my son? Nandi is scared and says mata son is only having the Chandra, he is playing with it and said he would not return it.

parvati says then you all go and tell him to give it back, he is my son and will give it back to you. everyone is quiet. Parvati says why are you quiet? Go I said. Nandi says mata we went to your son, he had a stick and the last time he had a stick and he had attacked me. Parvati says he is just a child, he must have thought of the Chandra as a playing toy and took it with him, it is not his mistake by the elders here who were supposed to look after him. parvati says to lord Shankar, you should have taken care of son, you did not even know when he took it and went. Parvati then calls for her son and says son come here, the moon on your head is not a playing thing, it is the moon which balances the world! After a time son coms and says I am here mother, he comes and says father I am sorry for what I have done today, I promise I wont do this again! parvati says put it back son. Son says yes and goes to lord Shankar, he keeps the moon back on lord shankar’s hair as lord Shankar smiles. Parvati and son sit beside son! Everyone is happy.

There narad muni says brahma dev sindhura called you father! Is that true? Brahma dev says narad muni I know you are eager to listen, I will tell you the story, it is indeed true that sindhura is my son. Narad says what? But how did that happen dharam pita? Brahma dev says once when I was meditating, my attention suddenly was disturbed for a few seconds, as I am the writer of this universe and the father of everyone, my attention shouldn’t have been disturbed and this made the universe shake! I opened my eyes and brought back my attention and focus and the world was balanced again. brahma dev continues and says then I suddenly yawned and as the universe is in my mouth, a planet cracked and a baby was born when I yawned, this baby came out of my mouth before I just closed my mouth.

Brahma dev then sees and says it was my son who grew to his older age and stood before us. Saraswati and brahma dev are happy. Son stands up and says pranam mata and pita. Brahma dev says son! You are my son, and as you have red body like sindhur, your name will be sindhura. Sindhura says yes father. Brahma dev then says you are my divya son, I bless you, you will have the powers to defeat any enemy of yours, you will be undefeatable. Saraswati says I bless you son, you will the power to crush your enemy in your hands and gain their power. Brahma dev and saraswati bless sindhura. Sindhura stands up andbecoms huge with his new powers, then he becomes egoistic of his powers and says father, let me try and take you in my hands, I want to test my power.

Brahma dev and saraswati are shocked. brahma dev says I am your father son, you would do that? sindhura thinks I will conquer the world and walks towards brahma dev. Brahma dev is shocked and says stop sindhura, he says I am old and not a fighter, you can test your powers with lord Vishnu, he is a warrior. Sindhura says okay and reaches vaikunth. There he sees Narayana! Come out. Inside all the doors to vaikunth, lord Vishnu hears this and says what have you done brahma dev? Without thinking you gave your son powers, lord Vishnu says what do you want sindhura? Sindhura says Narayana I want to fight you, I want to test the powers given to me by brahma dev. Lord Vishnu smiles and says sindhura you cannot fight with me, I am not a warrior now, I serve others.

Sindhura says I want to fight you. lord Vishnu says you can instead go to Kailash and fight the son of mahadev, kartikeya! Sindhura says kartikeya! Lord Vishnu says if you defeat kartikeya then all gods will come under your rule as kartikeya defeated the demon tarkasur. Sindhura goes to Kailash and reaches the palace. There he sees palace and says so this is Kailash, he enters the palace to find kartikeya and then he sees parvati painting her son on the wall according to vision. Brahma dev then says that evil sindhura laid his eyes on devi parvati. There sindhura looks at parvati and thinks who is this beautiful woman? I want her and if I want something I will take it, sindhura walks ahead.

There brahma dev says as sindhura went ahead, the bright light came from the painting and this light was from the son to protect his mother, sindhura was thrown outside the palace. Sindhura falls out. Brahma dev appears there and says you devil sindhura, you dared to lay eyes on devi parvati! I curse you, devi parvati’s 2nd son will kill you and he will be the end of you. sindhura is shocked. brahma dev says you will lose all your divya body and turn into a demon. Sindhura immediately starts losing his divya body form. He thinks I will remember this brahma dev.


Vignaharta Ganesh 28th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : sindhura says brahma dev, I will go and make an end to that son of mahadev and parvati. Son is sitting on a rock in Kailash and blowing a shell.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh Details

Story Line
tells some untold stories about the Hindu god Ganesha. The show has been dubbed in Tamil as Vinayagar


Manav Gohil
Akanksha Puri
Nirbhay Wadhwa
Uzair Basar
Gajendra Chauhan
Malkhan Singh
Rajesh Khera

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Sony TV | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min