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Vignaharta Ganesh 31st August 2017 Written Episode Update


Vignaharta Ganesh 31st August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with parvati blessing her son with powers that make him strong. she gifts him a stick to fight anyone who confronts him. son says I promise you mother no one will enter the palace until I guard it. parvati smiles and goes for bath. Son comes out with the stick. There lord Shankar is coming with all his followers and nandi slowly to Kailash saying prabhu Shankar ki jai.

Shani dev is in his palace with pain as neela devi has tears. Shani dev says don’t cry devi, I did wrong and got its punishment. Neela devi says I am not worried for you, I told you not to go and see parvati devi’s son but you still saw him, I am worried for his life, he will be in danger now.
There as son guards the entrance, lord Shankar comes with nandi and other soldiers. Everyone say prabhu

Shankar ki jai and are about to step inside but son stops them and smiles, he says who are all of you? you cannot enter the palace. Lord Shankar smiles and says who are you child? Son smiles and says who are all of you? who are you? what is your name? lord Shankar says my name? you ask who I am? I am everything child, I am everywhere and all the names in this world are mine only. Son gets confused and says everything? son says I think you are a brahman who has come for bhiksha, I will tell my mother when she comes out from bathing.

Nandi says boy you don’t know who you are speaking to, you are talking to the one because of whom the world has been created. Son says you all think I am a child and fool me, you say you don’t have a name but that is okay as you are just like me as my mother hasn’t given me a name yet but then what is the name of your parents? Lord Shankar says I don’t have any parents and smiles. Nandi says he is the creator, the one because of whom everything exists, how can such a person have parents? Son laughs and says you don’t have parents too, where do you live? Lord Shankar says I live everywhere in this world. Son laughs and then he moves his stick very fast with his hands which creates strong wind, he says until I protect this gate, no one will enter inside.

Nandi says child let everyone go in now. son says no, you are all fooling me, this man here, you say he lives everywhere and doesn’t have a name and parents and says he stays everywhere, but he wears the skin of animal and has a snake in his neck, such long and dense hair. Son says why such dense hair? Haven’t you bathed? Lord Shankar smiles again. nandi says what are you saying child? There parvati is getting ready and her friends say what are you thinking about? Parvati says I am thinking about my lord, the one who has dense hair which are strong roots and divya hair giving the truth of the power he has. Son there says and that snake, I think this man is not intelligent but he is dumb, that is why the snake in the neck. There parvati says and the snake which lord Shankar accepted on his neck to tell the world that even evil may get good. Son there says and the animal skin on the body, don’t you have any other clothes? There parvati says and lord wears animal skin to tell the world that unnecessary killing of animals should not be done.

There son says and this weapon with that instrument? It is so weird. Son says what do you call it? lord Shankar says it is dumroo. Son laughs and says such a funny name. lord Shankar starts playing the dumro and nandi and everyone listen and pray their hands, as the world is filled with the pavitra noise. The dumro and body of lord Shankar gives a powder named bhasma which is white. There parvati says the dumro and my prabhu;s body gives a holy powder bhasma which is as pure as anything. The powder touches son and he smiles as his body shines. Son thinks what is this divya powder? Son then says oh bhasma, so don’t you bath? Lord Shankar stops playing the dumro and nandi says what are you saying child? Prabhu’s bhasma is as pure as anything in the world.
One soldier says now let us go otherwise we will have to use force. Son stops everyone and then with his stick makes a line and says enough, no one will cross this line until I protect this gate.


Vignaharta Ganesh 1st September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : nandi and his soldier come towards son and he steps down on ground, he then pushes them both with his hands and both of them are thrown away. Son says no one will go inside.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh Details

Story Line
tells some untold stories about the Hindu god Ganesha. The show has been dubbed in Tamil as Vinayagar


Manav Gohil
Akanksha Puri
Nirbhay Wadhwa
Uzair Basar
Gajendra Chauhan
Malkhan Singh
Rajesh Khera

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Sony TV | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min