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Vignaharta Ganesh 7th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Vignaharta Ganesh 7th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with yamraj now sending some insects from his powers. Son thinks what are these weird insects? The insects come and start attacking son, they are all over him. son tries saving himself. son thinks these insects have covered me, I cant even listen to anyone. As parvati makes kheer, there are same insects on the kheer and parvati says what is this? I will destroy it, parvati with her powers destroys the insects. There son removes a light and all insetcs are gone. Yamraj thinks he killed my death giving insects. Son says what did you think? You will kill me so easily? Now I will fight you. yamraj says I will kill you child, you will die. Yamraj laughs.

Narad muni goes to lord Vishnu and says prabhu see what all is happening in Kailash, a havoc has been created. Lord Vishnu says I know dev rishi, I see everything. narad says this all happened because shani dev saw that child and now this mess has been created. Lord Vishnu says but who made shani dev go to Kailash? Narad remember she only did and looks down. Lord Vishnu says if you hadn’t done that dev rishi then this all wouldn’t have happened and you know the anger of devi parvati. If anything happens to her son then stopping her anger will be difficult for mahadev too and if she decides you are the culprit then you wont be safe. Narad starts shivering.

There yamram uses his red long ropes to hold son, he ties son in his ropes and says these are my power bonds that can put anyone into hell and now you will go in hell kid. Yamraj opens hell and son can hear the voices of demons and men, son thinks hell really seems to be dangerous as I can hear the voices of pain. Son says these bonds are so tough I cannot get out of it. there parvati seems some black power and says what dared to come here? I will destroy it. son is about to go inside the opening of hell but he remembers the promise he gave to his mother. Son with his power breaks the bonds. Yamraj is shocked and thinks how did this kid break my ropes? Son then with his power from stikc attacks hell and closes the opening. Son says yamraj dev I will not leave you now, my powers will defeat you. son attacks from his stick and his power hits yamraj’s bull, yamraj says his powers are defeating me too. Yamraj falls down from his bull. Son says see I defeated you too. All gods are shocked. son laughs. agni dev and suryadev say now the only one who can help us is lord Vishnu and brahma dev as prabhu Shankar is in meditation. Gods pray to lord Vishnu.

Brahma dev appears in vaikunth and says to lord Vishnu that prabhu Vishnu we have to go and make that child understand. Lord Vishnu says yes we have to tell him who lord Shankar is. Lord vishnua dn brahma dev go.

There as son stands lord Vishnu comes on his eagle and brahma dev on his lotus. Son sees and smiles and thinks who are they? They seem to be more powerful than everyone else and look very unique and beautiful. Lord Vishnu says devi parvati’s son looks very tejaswi and beautiful and even beautiful than what I thought, brahma dev says this child is really very tejaswi. Lord Vishnu says son, I bless you will have both knowledge and power. Son smiles and thinks these gods are praising me while the other fought with me. Son thinks I think they are trying to make me busy in sweet talks and want to go inside too. Son says I don’t know who you both are but I cannot allow anyone inside. Lord Vishnu says son you don’t understand, prabhu Shankar is greater than anyone in this universe, if your mother knows you stopped him then she will be angry on you.

son thinks so they have come to fool me too. Lord Vishnu thinks only if this child did not have arrogance and disbelief in everyone. Lord Vishnu says son listen to me, let lord Shankar go inside. Brahma dev says we are older than you and you should listen to us child. Lord Vishnu says do not doubt us child, we only care for you, we want your good only and not harm so let lord Shankar go in. son says that is enough now! son says first all the gods fought me and got defeated, you have come here too now, i will follow my mother’s orders only and to uphold them I will defeat you both too if needed. Brahma dev gets angry and says child! Son says I will not listen to anyone. Lord Vishnu and brahma dev are shocked and lord Vishnu says let go off your arrogance kid, instead fight your arrogance and then all wars will be over if everyone does that. son says I have to make you go away from here. son throws his stick on brahma dev who is angry now. brahma dev gets aside and stick doesn’t hit him.

son takes it back and says no one can save you both from me. Son throws it on lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu tells his eagle to push it away. Eagle does as said. There lord Shankar now gets up from his meditation. His eyes are very red with the anger and the world starts shaking and trembling with lightining and thundering. Lord Shankar’s trishul moves and lord Shankar takes it. he walks towards the palace. Son is about to take his stick but cannot. Lord Shankar steps in the scene and makes a crack from his foot on the ground. The earth shakes. Son sees lord Shankar and thinks so he brought his dangerous form to scare me but I will not be scared. Son is taking his stick but cannot as lord shankar’s power stops it. son is shocked. lord Shankar says that is enough now, you have crossed all limits of arrogance.


Vignaharta Ganesh 8th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : lord Shankar comes in air with his trishul. Son flies in air to fight against lord Shankar without his stick. Lord Shankar attacks his trishul. The trishul cuts son’s head off.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh Details

Story Line
tells some untold stories about the Hindu god Ganesha. The show has been dubbed in Tamil as Vinayagar


Manav Gohil
Akanksha Puri
Nirbhay Wadhwa
Uzair Basar
Gajendra Chauhan
Malkhan Singh
Rajesh Khera

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Sony TV | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min