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Vikram Betaal 8th November 2018 Written Episode Update

Iravathi Marries Chandrabhan, But Dacoit Kills Him


Vikram Betaal 8th November 2018 Written Episode Update, Vikram Betaal Written Update on

Vikram Betaal 8th November 2018 Episode Start With Iravathi asking the man if he is fine. Man says you and your kali maata’s idol are safe. Iravathi thanks them. Prince’s man comes and says we are kali Maata’s bhakt too. He asks what happened? Iravathi tells that their house is near and tells everything. Raj vaid and his wife come there. They take the men to their place. Betaal says those men names are Surya bhan, Chandra bhan, they were childhood friend. Raj vaid treats Chandrabhan and says his life is in danger. Suryabhan says ok. Iravathi takes care of Chandrabhan. Suryabhan looks at her. Iravathi takes care of Chandrabhan with so much devotion then he got fine. Iravathi helps him get up and asks how is he feeling now?

She says I prayed to Kaali Maa and says it is Maa’s miracle. Chandrabhan asks where is my friend?Iravathi says he is taking care of the house. Suryabhan asks Rajvaid if he thought of Iravathi’s marriage. Rajvaid says let some guy come first. Suryabhan says think that you found the man. Iravathi’s mum asks who is he? Chandrabhan comes and hugs Suryabhan. Iravathi says lets go to temple. Rajvaid asks Suryabhan to tell about the groom for Iravathi. They go to the temple. Suryabhan prays to God and says in heart that he was in search of girl like Iravathi.

Betaal tells that Suryabhan was in love with her. He tells Vikram why am I telling you, and says Devi Padmini must be waiting for you all the time. Vikram looks angrily. Betaal says Chandrabhan and Iravathi start loving each other in their heart. He says Suryabhan went to Iravathi’s parents. Chandrabhan tells Iravathi that he doesn’t know how to thank her. She says you told this atleast 20 times. She tells that she prayed to Kaali Maa for their marriage. Raj vaid and his wife liked Suryabhan’s proposal. Iravathi asks Chandrabhan to talk to her parents. Chandrabhan says Suryabhan must have talked to your parents about us. They come home. Raj vaid tells Iravathi that Suryabhan told them everything and brought their marriage alliance. She says we accept this marriage and asks about Iravathi’s decision. Iravathi says yes. Her mum tells that Suryabhan and you will get married after two days. Chandrabhan tells about his feelings to Suryabhan. Suryabhan fights with him and tells that you have hidden this for me, and says I have understood that you have more love for Iravathi than me. They both fight.

Chandrabhan says my love is not selfish, you will marry her. Suryabhan says no, you will only marry her. Iravathi comes and says you both thought me as a thing. She says Chandrabhan wanted me to marry Suryabhan and viceversa for their friendship. She asks you didn’t think about me, it is my mistake to come in between your friendship. She says she will ask Maa Kaali what to do. Surya bhan tells her that truth is that their friendship is more important to them, and they respect her love. He says I did a mistake to come inbetween you both, holds her hand and says you will marry your love. He gives her hand in Chandrabhan’s hand. Both Iravathi and Chandrabhan get married. Rajvaid tells Chandrabhan that his daughter always done kaali maata’s puja and requests him to make temple of kaali maata at their place. Chandrabhan assures him.

Betaal says Iravathi’s wish was fulfilled, but sometimes past comes back in future. He tells about Dacoit whom Suryabhan attacked on his eye. They were returning back to their place. Suryabhan tells Chandrabhan that he is lucky to have Iravathi. Chandrabhan says he will build temple after reaching Suryanagar. Dacoit kumbakh comes there with his goons. He asks them not to move from their place else he will kill Iravathi. He says my eyes price is your heads. He beheads both Chandrabhan and Suryabhan. Iravathi cries. Dacoit’s man tells that they found the idol. Dacoit asks him to keep the idol and take the jewels. They leave. Iravathi prays to Kali Maata’s idol and says I always prayed to you, and you snatched my sindoor. She asks her to return her sindoor or take her blood. She starts dancing infront of Kali Maata’s idol. She is about to behead herself, when Kaali Maata comes infront of her and asks her to stop.


Vikram Betaal 9th November 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Padmini asks Bhadrakaal if there is any other way to repay his debt. Bhadrakaal says no and says Vikram have to catch Betaal else…he threatens that Maha kaal can return. There come two snakes in Vikram’s Palace. Vikram, Padmini, Bhabhi and others get tensed.

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Vikram Betaal Details

Vikram Betaal Ki Rahasya Gatha is a mythological serial created by Peninsula Pictures based on Baital Pachisi. The series is airing in &TV starring Aham Sharma and Makrand Deshpande in lead roles.Vikram Betaal Ki Rahasya Gaatha series is the mythological story of King Vikramaditya and the Puzzle Master Betaal. In which Betaal always gave tricky puzzle to solve, Vikramaditya. As we know this show is based on the “Betaal Pachchisi” book and many of us were read it. So it is going to be more curious for all of us. All the riddles given to King Vikram are mysterious, tricky and mind twisting. Show follows tagline,” Tu Bola Main Chala”.

Cast : 

Aham Sharma
Ishita Ganguly
Pooja Banerjee
Amit Behl
Sooraj Thapar
Makrand Deshpande
Zuber K. Khan
Ram Awana
Sonia Singh
Romanch Mehta

Seasons : 1 | Channel : &tv | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min


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