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Waaris 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Waaris 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Waaris 10th March 2017 video watch Online HD on

The Episode starts with Mannu and Sukhi helping Raj. Mannu asks his name. Raj says I m Raj…. Mannu looks at him. Raj says Rajveer. Mannu says oh, I thought… He says you made me late. She says you are going wrong way, Pavaniya house is that way, Amba is strict and discipline, your wish. Raj thanks Mannu and goes. Sukhi asks when did we change name, why did you send him there.

Mannu tells Gunjan that Amba will get angry on Rajveer for coming late and send him away. Mannu says talk to mummy once, she will agree. Gunjan says I m scared. She asks Mannu to talk to Amba. Amba asks Mannu to invite Pahuja family for holi. Mannu says I think Gunjan maybe, she is not ready for this marriage. Amba calls out Gunjan. She asks Gunjan does she have any objection. Gunjan says no and goes. Amba says she is my daughter, I chose a diamond like guy for her, you don’t want her happiness or have something in mind. Raavi serves food to Mannu. Jagan comes home. Raavi asks him to sit. Amba says Jagan won’t have food, how did he lose auction to Bajwas. Jagan says Harjeet made plan to win. Amba asks why did you not think anything. Babli takes water in glass and it falls. Jagan scolds Babli and Raavi. Babli gets tensed.

Mannu asks Jagan to sit and have food, everyone is bearing your anger, losing auction and being hungry is not related. Jagan says your habit not to talk in between did not go, Amba is right, wrong is wrong, we won’t bear any failure with Bajwas. He crushes the fork and keeps on table.

Harjeet comes home after winning auction. People play dhol. Mohini praises him. She takes sweets box and sees chillies. He says I have won to Pavaniyas, and you lost to them. He asks her to eat it. She refuses and says what would I do, I lost, sorry, Amba’s strength is Mannu, I m alone, I have two sons, but both are useless, Nihaal is locked in jail and Rohan is always drunk. He says if you blame others for failure, you won’t succeed, I have nothing now, I don’t have Amrit, Raj and Raman, I just have you, if Mannu is Amba’s strength, break him, make plan to make this failure into success, I will see Rohan. He goes.

Mannu sees Raj in jungle and says he is going towards home again. Mannu calls Sukhi about the pits work. Raj says strange, I did not find haveli. Mannu asks him to come. Raj sits in the jeep. Mannu drives and smiles. Raj says your village is beautiful, and people like you, who help strangers. Mannu stops jeep and says its time for us to get separated. Raj asks here, where is the house. Mannu guides him. Raj says fine and gets down the jeep. Raj falls on the pit. Mannu smiles. Raj holds his back and asks for help. Mannu leaves.

A blind old man comes in front of Mannu’s car and asks for help. Mannu helps. The men change shagun baskets. Mannu leaves. The man throws the stick and calls Mohini. Mohini tells Harjeet that she won’t need to eat chillies. He asks what do you mean. She says I m dividing Amba and Mannu, the relation will break.

Amba asks Pahuja what happened, why don’t you want to break alliance, tell me if any mistake happened, I m coming to meet you. Jagan comes and asks what happened, why are you worried. She says torn clothes and rotten fruits are taken to Pahuja’s house, where is Mannu. Mannu thinks to talk to Gunjan, if Amba knows I made wedding planner run away, she will get angry. Mannu sees Raj’s bag on the road and looks around. Mannu picks flowers and finds blood on it. Mannu thinks did he die and calls out Rajveer. Raj calls for help. Mannu goes to look inside pit. Raj pushes Mannu and says this is called revenge, you sit here and cry for broken fate. Mannu asks him to get him out. Raj argues. Mannu says you don’t know me. Raj says I don’t want to know. Mannu says I m Manpreet Pavaniya, Shah. Raj asks you mean Amba’s son and smiles.

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