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Waaris 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Waaris 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Sukhi asking Amrit what did Raj do with Mannu and Amba. He cries and says Raj insulted Amba in front of everyone. Amrit says I will take my bahu. Mannu says I stayed as guy always, but I understand real house of girl after marriage is the one where her husband stays, we will go our house, Bajwas haveli. Amrit says you still want to go there. Mannu says yes.

Amrit says no, I left that haveli years ago, I have no right there. Mannu says that house will always be yours, I also have some right to go there, that house heir Raj married me, we will together fight for our right. Amrit says no, I don’t want any right, I lost a lot there, we will live in peace in city, come with me. Mannu says I know Raj since childhood, he loves you a lot, Raj’s fight is right, but way is wrong, I understand you lost a lot there, but you can’t lose Raj, he did this to keep enmity and get his dad’s love, trust me, I have known Raj well in last few days, he loves me, he did not know my truth when he saw me for the first time.

Amrit says I may have done any good deed to get you as my bahu, you will get my support, I m with you in your fight, but after getting an answer, will you still call me aunty ji. Mannu smiles and says mummy ji. Amrit hugs her.

Mannu says today I have see mum’s shadow supporting in many avatars. Sukhi asks the men to play dhol. They all leave. Raj thinks of Amrit’s words. He hears the sound and goes out to see. Mannu comes there with Sukhi and Babli, dancing on dhol. She shoots at Raj and other men’s pistols. Babli claps.

Mannu says entry happens such a way, what a welcome of new bahu. Mannu taunts Raj for not getting baraat, so she got her doli. Raj asks did she go mad to hire people, who said she will get entry as bahu. Mannu says girl comes to inlaws after marriage, no need to ask anyone, I forgot you were wedding planner, you would know only till marriage, real life starts after marriage, its fine wife will complete all his incomplete works. Harjeet says great Raj, how many gifts will you give me, drama in temple and then this day, the person who challenged as Shah, today she has come in bridal wear, standing outside our house and begging to enter. Mannu asks why did you feel I m begging like a helpless woman, did you get blind. Raj asks her to be in her limits, maybe she got shameless or felt insult was less done at temple.

Mannu says I got shame when you saw me as girl for the first time and got mesmerized, you did not know my truth, you broke trust and I left shame, you can insult me, I won’t stop, husband and house’s respect is by wife, everyone will see Bajwas bahu is getting insulted. Raj says fine then try, you won’t entry in this house. Harjeet asks Raj to come. Mannu calls out Raj and says don’t have misunderstanding, Preet will come in this house, none can stop her. Raj says then I will see how you get entry in this house.

Raj asks Harjeet to come and goes to shut door. Mannu calls out Amrit. Amrit comes there. Raj opens the door and sees Amrit. Mannu and Amrit smile. Raj asks Amrit what is she doing here. Harjeet and everyone come out. They see Amrit and get shocked. Harjeet says you came after many years and still want to support enemies, you were against me before, and now you are against your son, remember this girl will not come in this house. Raj stops Amrit and Mannu. He asks Amrit to come. He looks at Mannu.


Waaris 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Mannu’s grah pravesh happens. Raj looks on annoyed. Raj says you came here by my mum’s help, you won’t get accepted, you understand this early for your good.

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