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Waaris 14th November 2017 Written Episode Update


Waaris 14th November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Waaris 14th November 2017 Episode Start With a man asking Chandar and everyone to leave from the building, its collapsing. Everyone runs out. Sarpanch says what’s happening today. Raj comes and says I have to talk to you. He recalls beating Chandar’s goons and hearing about the weak building structure. Mannu asks Jagan to leave Amba now, she won’t go anywhere. She says you should have been united with us, than working for Chandar. Jagan argues with her. He asks Amba to tell Mannu that he is supporting family. Amba says I didn’t know you can stop Preet for long. Mannu asks are you with Jagan, I didn’t go to panchayat for you, you showed fake motherly love and insulted our relation, you did much wrong.

Amba says my love and our relation aren’t wrong, politics is done by mind, you won’t understand this, you didn’t have life experience, so I m telling you, you shouldn’t become sarpanch, now there is no time for you to reach there, we will sit and talk to end your misunderstanding. Raj comes and says what if Preet doesn’t go panchayat office, I will get it here. Everyone comes in. Amba and Jagan get shocked.
Mannu hugs Raj. Raj says we will romance later, its just 5 mins left, fill form and sign fast. She sees panchayat members tied. Raj apologizes for getting them in such a way. He frees them and says I had no option. Panchayat members say you cheated us, you think we will let her sign. Jagan smiles.

Jagan says you should be ashamed to get them like this. The men get against Mannu as Raj kidnapped them. Raj says Chandar didn’t let her come to panchayat, she was threatened and kept at home, how could she come there. The man says we can’t change panchayat rules for her, we got insulted, woman should better think of family than panchayat. Mannu stops them. She says you all are right, did you try to know why this happened, because you didn’t give us a chance to manage duties, if a woman can manage house, family, children…. she can manage country too, can you manage a family, if a woman can deliver a child by bearing pain, she can understand the pain of a country too, can a man bear such pain, I want a society of equality, if we make a girl strong, society will become strong on its own, now decision is in sarpanch’s hands. Jagan says we heard a lot from Mannu. Raj says we heard a lot from you also, everyone knows your black deeds, it will be better if you let sarpanch decide. Sarpanch says I have seen Preet since childhood, she has seen a lot in her life, she has always faced problems with courage, she never tried to get power in hands, she always tried to work for society, she want equality, so I want her to get this chance. Amba and Jagan get shocked. Mannu signs the form. She takes sarpanch’s blessings. He asks her to work hard for the village. Raj thanks sarpanch. Panchayat leaves.

Mannu and all the women dance. Mannu says mummy, I went against your wish, not against you, I want you to be proud of me, bless me. Amba gets back. She says one regrets for mistake. She goes. Chandar comes. He stares at Raj and Mannu. Raj hugs Mannu. She cries. Amba and Jagan see Chandar. Jagan signs Chandar to come. Chandar goes to Amba and Jagan. He says my plan spoiled because of you, you couldn’t manage one girl, Preet signed, she will become sarpanch, what will you do then. Amba says we stopped her at home, what could you do, you couldn’t stop Raj. Chandar says better keep quiet, she would have locked in bathroom if you didn’t free her, I have seen Salim and Anarkali’s romance, were you seeing the drama, Raj will end your relation with Mannu, think how will you save her from Raj and who can help you.


Waaris 15th November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Chandar argues with Rohan and says you got fooled, Raj played a big game with you, call him. He calls Raj. Rohan asks Raj about Amba’s condition.

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