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Waaris 14th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Waaris 14th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Chandar asking Mannu to say will she marry him or shall he marry Simran. Mannu says yes, I want to marry Chandar. Everyone gets shocked. Raj gets angry and goes. Chandar says I get what I want. Amba takes Mannu with her. Jagan says amazing, what trick did you play, they got shocked, we have to see what Mannu does. Mannu says I won’t marry Chandar, I did this to stop Chandar from marrying Simran. Amba says can’t you see he got after you, he is Chandar, if he knows your game…. Mannu says I was Pavaniya’s Shah for 18 years, I can face him.

Mohini asks Chandar not to cheat her. Ts their game, come and say yes for marrying Simran, we will say you joked, else I can get you thrown out of pind. Chandar smiles and says if anyone knows you killed Raman then….you need me to take revenge, and I don’t need you to take my revenge, just go and prepare for marriage. She says Raj loves Preet, you don’t know this. He says you are innocent, how did you stay here.

Mannu asks Chandar to sign on the papers if he loves her. Chandar checks papers. Mannu says its written you don’t want to marry Simran ever. Mohini looks on. He shows her the papers and asks her to sign as well. She checks divorce papers and gets shocked. He asks what are you thinking. Mannu thinks of Sakshi’s words and signs. She says now your turn. Chandar says no, husband and wife both have to sign. She says I will get Raj sign. He says I should be sure too.

Raj talks to Rohan and says I can understand Mannu is doing this to save Simran, she has risked her life, she can’t kill anyone, my heart says Preet is innocent, but I have seen her shooting Raman, I love Raman a lot, I love Preet too, I won’t let her fight this battle alone, I will apologize to her and tell her that I love her. Raj thinks of Mannu and goes to her. Main tenu samjhawan…..plays…..

Chandar holds Mannu and sends her to Raj. Raj runs to her and asks her to come, he has to tell something. Mannu stops and gives him papers. Raj gets shocked seeing divorce papers. He says no, this can’t happen, I wanted to tell you…. Chandar says she wants to tell she is going to become someone else’s wife, she has signed on it, you have to agree now. Raj gets shocked seeing her sign. Raj asks Mannu to give him one chance. Chandar says I will sign these papers if Raj signs on the divorce papers. Raj looks at Mannu.


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