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Waaris 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Waaris 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Mohini saying I will get Preet. She tells Pammi that Raj has locked Preet. They go and see Mannu tied to the chair. They laugh and go back. Pammi says Preet is no where and jokes. Pandit says puja time is passing by. Mannu makes something fall down. Sakshi says sorry, I have to sit in puja now, its for Raj’s long life. Mannu falls down the chair. She takes the glass piece in hand and cuts the dupatta. She gets free. Sakshi goes to sit with Raj. Mannu shouts stop, I have come. Raj gets shocked. Amrit smiles.

Mannu sits with Raj in puja. Pandit asks Raj not to get up as he has taken sankalp. Amrit sees Mannu’s hand hurt. Mannu and Raj do the puja. Mohini passes a bowl. Raj passes it to Mannu. Pandit asks them to do rituals. Mannu does rituals and gets hurt by fire. Amrit asks her is she fine. She says yes, nothing happened. Mohini says you can’t do puja now, go and apply ointment. Raj says your time is going bad. Mannu says your time is going good as I m standing as shield, else there is fire around. Raj asks her to go and apply ointment. Mannu says no, I took seven rounds with you, I won’t leave.

Mannu asks pandit to continue puja. Raj holds her hand tightly and hurts her. Harjeet smiles. Mannu bears pain and asks Raj to always hold her hand tightly. The puja completes. Amrit does aid to Mannu. Mannu says the man who has hurt my heart, why will he move back to hurt me physically, I have seen Raj changing the bowl. Amrit asks why did you not say anything. Mannu says I wanted to see how far Raj can go, I got my answer, he has hatred for me in heart, he wants me to leave from this house, I will not lose, its the challenge, we will see who wins. She says Raj does not know his hatred gives me more strength.

Amrit says I did not know Raj has hatred for you, he holds you responsible for Raman’s death. Mannu says you were not there, Raj believed true what he has seen, I had gun in my hand, Raman got shot, how can he deny the truth. Amrit says many times we get deceived by sight, I read eyes, as eyes never lie, you were giving lie to Raman by making him marry Simran, how could you take his life, I hope Raj understands this soon. Mannu says misunderstanding will end when love awakens.

Amba packs a tiffin. Jagan comes home. Amba thinks how did he come. She hides. He goes. She runs out of the house. She goes to the godown and sees Simran. Simran says I won’t come back, I m scared, you are bad, you left me alone. Amba hugs her. Simran says I will hide. Amba stops her and misses Mannu.

Mannu waits for Raj. Mohini asks Sakshi to increase misunderstandings, separate Raj and Preet. Sakshi says Raj is not coming close to me, what’s that bond stopping him. Mohini says don’t worry for Preet, Raj hates her, this should be your first step, you are beautiful and modern, you would know how to attract a guy, Raj was your would be husband, Preet snatched him, remind this to Raj, I m there to help you, don’t let Raj go to Preet’s room, Preet should feel Raj has become yours, see how she gets restless. Sakshi nods.

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