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Waaris 21st August 2017 Written Episode Update


Waaris 21st August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Jagan scolding Raavi and Babli. He says I have to ask Amba. He shouts Amba and goes to her. He asks who came just now, where is Amrit. Amba says sarpanch came and he was in hurry. He asks where is Amrit, tell me. She says I have hidden her inside. He asks where. She takes him and says go and see yourself, I was saving your respect. He checks. She prays.

Mannu goes to her room. Rohan wakes up Simran. Simran refuses to talk to him. He takes her. She hugs him and says I will always be with you. Jagan sees the ropes and looks at the window. He shouts Amba. Amba recalls how she has fooled Jagan by leaving the clues. Jagan says don’t act, where is Amrit.

Amba says I have tied her, she has run away, what shall I do, you don’t trust me, I know my place in this house, I want to get Simran here and I need you, why will I get against, you will change your decision, I know, if you don’t trust me, come and attack Bajwas, we will go and get Simran. He asks what did sarpanch say. She says we have to go in panchayat tomorrow, I have seen another alliance for Simran. He goes. She gets relieved.

Raj thinks of Mannu. He sees Rohan taking Simran out. He stops Rohan. Rohan says I want to go away from here, you become the heir after I leave, just Simran understood me and filled my emptiness. Raj says I don’t understand, if you go ahead, I will call everyone here. Rohan asks are you threatening me, go and call anyone. Raj asks why are you doing this. Rohan says because I love Simran. Raj gets shocked.

Its morning, Amba says we will meet in panchayat. Jagan says none knows what goes on in your mind, you are playing a game. Amba clarifies. Jagan thinks of using Simran’s blood for his cure. At panchayat, Mannu says we should postpone Simran’s marriage. Panchayat says we have given fair chance to everyone. Mohini says we have no problem, last time Amba got a wrong guy, if you trust your choice, get a guy and get Simran married. Amba thinks why did she agree so easily. Harjeet says yes Amba, call the guy, if he is good, we will also say yes.

Amba says that guy would be coming. A car comes. Amba says he has come, he is the right guy for Simran. Chandar gets down the car and comes there. Amba thinks he is not that guy, who is he. Amba, Jagan, Mannu, Raj, Harjeet and Rohan get shocked seeing Chandar. Amba recalls Chandar. Mannu says Chandar….. Mohini smiles.


Waaris 22nd August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Amba says its happening wrong. Mannu says if Harjeet didn’t give divorce to Amrit, how did Mohini become his wife her vote won’t count. Raj says fine, one vote will be mine, being Bajwas’ son. Mannu gets shocked.

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