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Waaris 21st February 2017 Written Episode Update


Waaris 21st February 2017 Written Episode Update and Waaris 21st February 2017 video watch online on 

The Episode starts with Mannu asking Raman why are you lying, say truth. Raman sees Harjeet. Mannu says we spoke about marriage, you said yes, if you have any pressure, tell me, we will make everything fine. Raman says I did not say anything. Everyone get shocked. Harjeet smiles. Raman recalls Harjeet tying him Pagdi. He asks did you see sniper, I called him today, Simran will be at his aim. Raman gets shocked. Harjeet says sit, and listen to me, you are not scared of death, you love Simran, if she dies, how will you feel, you will do as I want, that too with a smile on face. Fb ends.

Harjeet asks Mannu will Simran dance now. Raman stands silent. Mannu asks him to say truth. Raman says take Simran from here. He sees the sniper aiming at Simran. He says this marriage can’t happen. Simran cries.Raman asks her to go, its for everyone’s good. Simran asks is this child not yours. The people start talking. Raavi says what did Simran say in front of everyone. Mannu asks Raman to say now, its about Simran’s respect. Mohini comes and claps. She taunts Amba.

Mannu asks Raman are you seeing, what are they saying about Simran, say truth, everything will get fine. Raman cries. Mannu says its about Simran’s respect, you can’t be quiet. Mohini says Mannu does not know what did Simran do, that she is carrying a baby in her womb. Amba scolds Mohini.

Mohini argues with her. She asks is it Raman’s child or not. Simran cries. Simran faints. Raman looks on. Mannu holds Simran. Mannu asks Raman to say truth. Amba says enough Mannu, come Simran, nothing will get fine. Mannu asks how can you ask us to leave. Simran sees Raman. Raman turns away. Amba takes Simran. Mannu says I will make everything fine. Mohini asks will you not introduce your would be bahu Harjeet. Harjeet calls a girl. Mohini says she is Astha, her father is a doctor, they are from good family. Amrit asks Mohini to be quiet and not interfere in her family matters. Amrit asks Harjeet what are you doing.

Mohini says any girl will like to love Harjeet’s son, will you get everyone home. Raman sees sniper and stands silent. Mohini taunts Amrit. Raj comes and asks Mohini to shut up. He scolds Mohini. Raj asks Raman to come, its all happening wrong. Raj falls down. Mannu worries. Mohini says poor boy fell down, he was fighting with his dad. Raman holds Raj.

Raj asks what’s happening, its wrong. Raman hugs him. Mohini sees Amba leaving and does drama that her necklace got stolen, no one will go out of here. Harjeet asks his men to shut door. Swaroop says theft happened in our home, till we find thief, none will go out. Swaroop and Mohini check them. Mohini gets necklace in Simran’s purse and blames her. Everyone get shocked.

Swaroop recalls hugging Simran and putting necklace in her purse. Mohini says Simran did theft. Mannu shouts my sister did not do theft. Mannu bites Mohini’s hand. Mohini pushes Mannu. Mohini insults Amba. She says I told you Amba, you will regret, Jai died and Jagan went to jail, now Amba is using her daughter, to trap Raman and rob jewelry. She asks Amba to ask money from her, but don’t do this again, I m woman and know woman’s pain, don’t fall too low that you don’t get up again. She asks guards to let Pavaniyas leave.

Harjeet apologizes to Astha’s father. Raman sees sniper. Harjeet forces him to get engaged to Astha. Simran cries seeing him.


Waaris 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Amba leaves from home. Mannu asks him not to fight, we won’t get anything by enmity, we have to think of Simran. Amba walks ahead even when Mannu falls down.

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