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Waaris 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update


Waaris 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Amba and Rohan finding Simran. Rohan says I got insulted today because of Simran, I will not leave her. Amba sees the car and says Simran went in that car. Mohini thinks to send off Preet today. Sakshi asks Raj for whom is he waiting, she is here, what is he thinking, you liked pink color on me, tell me how do I look. Raj says nice. She says thanks, even you are looking very handsome. Mohini asks Sakshi to come. She asks Raj to touch the mehendi to be applied to his bride. She asks Amrit to make Raj touch the mehendi.

Mannu comes. Raj gets mesmerized seeing her and stops while touching the mehendi. Amrit asks him to touch mehendi. Raj touches the mehendi and asks Amrit to stop helping Preet. Amrit says Lord is helping her, none can do anything in front of Lord.

Mohini asks which cone do you want to be applied to Sakshi’s hand. Raj selects the cone. Raj goes. Mohini keeps a cone in the tray. She shows it to Sakshi. Mannu thinks to get that cone from the tray. Mohini signs Sakshi. Mannu takes the cone. Mohini looks on. She says now it will be fun, when she gets chemical mehendi on her hands, all her cleverness will come out, once she screams, Raj and everyone will know. Sakshi smiles. Mannu applies mehendi and screams. Mohini and Sakshi sign. Amrit goes to see Mannu and asks are you fine. Mannu asks how did Mohini come here on my scream, don’t worry, nothing happened to me, someone has fallen on my foot so I screamed. Mohini thinks where is that chemical cone. Mannu recalls taking the cone and testing the mehendi first. She applies mehendi on the paper and sees it burning. She gets shocked. Fb ends.

Mohini says if she does not have that chemical cone, it means its still in tray, she is very clever, she has mixed it in all cones so that none knows about it. Raj comes and asks what’s happening here. Sakshi says Preet has mixed chemical in mehendi cone and kept it in that tray. Mannu says I did not do anything, she is lying. Sakshi asks who will trust you, the girl who has cheated pind as a guy can do anything.

Mannu says Raj knows I can never do this, if Raj does not believe, I don’t need to make anyone else believe. Raj stops her. He asks will we believe if you say, I will apply every mehendi cone on your hands, we should know which mehendi cone has chemical. Mannu gets shocked. Mohini and Sakshi smile. Mannu forwards her hand and cries. Raj holds her hand.


Waaris 26th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Amrit writes Raj’s name in Mannu’s mehendi. Raj confesses love to Mannu in drunken state.

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