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Waaris 2nd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Waaris 2nd March 2017 Written Episode Update and Waaris 2nd March 2017 video watch online on

The Episode starts with Mannu stopping Raman and shutting door. Mohini goes. The drunkard asks for wine. Harjeet asks pandit to come to do final rites. Jagan and Amba are on the way. Jagan says I can’t trust Bajwas. Amba says I m trusting Amrit. Raman gives wine to the drunkard. Harjeet and everyone is on the way. Sukhi says everyone is coming here. Mannu asks what will we do now. Drunkard falls asleep. Harjeet opens the door and everyone come. Raj says I will not let Raman go. Sukhi says Raj is going to hug Raman, it will be problem. Raman, Mannu and Sukhi hide under bed and look on. Swaroop asks Raj to calm down.

Amrit cries. They take the body down. The drunkard snores. Harjeet and everyone stop. The drunkard falls down and wakes up. They all get shocked. Harjeet gets angry and catches him. Mohini sees the chit in flower pot and reads. Harjeet reads the letter and gets shocked.

He says Mannu….if they have run away, they did not go far, find them, I will not leave them. Amrit smiles and says my son is alive. Raman, Mannu and Sukhi leave. Amrit sees them. She asks Raman what’s happening. Raman says you know Simran’s life could be ruined, I did right, I got you out of this room, its our last chance to run away, let me go please. Mannu says this fight will go on if Raman and Simran do not marry. Sukhi says now Amba is talking like Jagan. Harjeet says find then, shoot Raman and Mannu. Swaroop asks why Raman.

Amrit comes there and asks Harjeet to answer, why does he want to kill Raman. Mohini thinks and says don’t think of a this. Amrit shouts shut up, Harjeet was such father who lost eldest son, I saw a broken father in you, think do you want to sacrifice Raman again, you got your son back, you are lucky, you will be called unlucky if you ruin your fate. Mannu looks on and says I don’t think Raman will listen to anyone, we should leave.

Amrit requests Harjeet to get children married, this has their real happiness. She begs to Harjeet. Mannu says we will leave from window, come. Raman sees Amrit’s pic. He gets a red chunri from cupboard. Mannu says its Amrit’s, right? Raman asks them to come. They go out from window. Raj stops them. Raj meets Raman and hugs him. Raj asks Raman to take him along. Raman says no, its dangerous, go back. Mannu says yes, we have to leave, its imp. Raj says no, I will run fast. Raman cries and hugs him. Sukhi signs Mannu. Mannu asks Raj to come. They all run.

The men look for him. Raj falls down. Mannu asks Raj to get up. Sukhi takes Mannu with him. Raj looks on. They men catch Raj. Raman asks how far do we have to go. Mannu shows Simran to Raman. Raman and Simran see each other and smile. Raman runs to Simran and hugs her. Amba knocks the door and calls out Simran. Gunjan keeps pillows and opens the door. Amba asks where did Mannu and Sukhi go. Gunjan says they went to play, Simran is sleeping. Amba checks and sees pillows. She gets shocked.


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