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Waaris 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Waaris 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Waaris 4th April 2017 watch online on

The Episode starts with Raj and Mannu seeing Raman’s pic. Raj cries and recalls Raman. Harjeet comes and says he was my eldest son. Mohini says don’t get emotional, he is gone, what’s the use to talk about him. Raj says let him say, my mum says heart gets light by talking. She says he has three sons and still he is alone, Raman died 10 years ago, he ruined in love, we just have his memories, second son Rohan is drunkard, third son…. leave it, what to say about him. Raj asks what happened to him. She says leave it, he is useless, children become parents’ support, but he could not walk without support, its fine if he is there or not. Raj feels bad.

She asks him to prepare for Pammi’s engagement. Harjeet says marriage happened here before also. Mohini says Raman loved a shameless girl.

Mannu gets angry. Raj holds Mannu’s hand. Mohini says what can we expect from Pavaniyas, she took Raman along, she was very sharp, she was pregnant and got Raman killed by Pavaniya’s hands, she should not get place even in hell. Raj signs Mannu. Harjeet goes.

Mannu asks do you really talk so bad every day, I mean its your daughter’s marriage, you are talking such, your haveli is big, but there is no feeling of home, its fine, we will make it suitable for guests, Raj likes challenging things. Mohini scolds her. Mannu taunts her. Harjeet gets a message from Pahuja. He says he is coming with shagun in one hour. He asks Raj to do preparations in one hour. He asks Mohini to manage Pammi and goes. Mohini goes. Raj gets angry. Mannu says we will go step by step.

Amrit lands in the village. Pammi dances with Mohini. Mohini falls down. Pammi says sorry. Mohini says you said Raj came to you, now Raj is acting as if we called him, is this plan of Pavaniyas. There is something wrong, I will find out. Pammi goes to Sukhi and snatches sugarcane from him. They argue. He says we are enemies. Mohini looks on and calls Pammi foolish. She calls and reminds Pammi the work. She says I m going to become big family bahu, Raj is doing my marriage arrangements. She goes. Sukhi calls Jagan and informs about Raj.

Jagan stops Raj on the way and scolds him for working for Bajwas. He ruins all his hardwork. Raj says I request you not to burn this. Jagan says see what I do with you. Pammi comes home and smiles seeing fruits. Mannu thinks she is very happy. She talks to Pammi and asks for Raj.

Pammi says no, even you can’t see him soon. Mannu says what do you mean. Pammi says I won’t tell you, mummy stopped me. Mannu thinks something is wrong, I have to find out. Jagan beats up Raj. He asks how to leave you now. Mohini thinks to keep an eye. Jagan aims gun at him. Mannu fools Pammi to know about Raj. Jagan threatens Raj. Raj thinks what’s this, he thinks I joined enemy, but I m helping him, I have to tell truth to Jagan, there is no way now, I have to say Mannu and I are together. Raj says no, I will you truth. Mannu comes and sees them. Mohini thinks I will know Raj’s truth today.


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