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Waaris 4th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Waaris 4th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Mohini going to kill Simran. She says before you tell who was behind the tree, I will send you to Raman. She tries to suffocate Simran. Mannu hears Simran’s scream and runs to see. She knocks the door. Mohini thinks to leave from here. She hides. Rohan breaks the door and asks Simran what happened. Simran hugs him and says someone was here. Mannu looks around. Rohan consoles Simran. Mannu checks cupboard and says I feel there is someone here. She moves the curtains and sees someone going. She says there was someone here. Rohan goes. Simran cries and says hero. Mannu consoles her.

Nihaal stops Rohan and asks him to come and have wine. Rohan goes back to Simran. Mannu goes to Raj and asks him is he deaf and blind, he just tells big things to regain Simran’s memory. She says Mohini and Sakshi tried to kill Simran. Raj laughs and says when we go to Simran’s doctor, get your checkup done. She asks did you think this is some job, Mohini or Sakshi did this. He pushes her and asks who told this, Simran? Did you believe her, she is not in senses, its not her mistake, you want a chance to point finger at anyone. Mannu scolds him.

Rohan feeds food to Simran and cheers her. Simran laughs. Rohan smiles. Raj stumbles. Mannu asks him to be careful. He asks her to leave hand. She sees Amrit and acts. Amrit asks are you both fine, did you guys had a fight. Nihaal says I know it, this is that letter, see, Simran was talking about Raman, you went to kill Simran, you think lights went on own, no, I have switched off the lights, so that you can run away, what are you hiding. Mohini says I was scared and did not know what to do. He asks why, what happened. She says Simran knows I killed Raman. He gets shocked. She says if Simran gets memory, she will tell everyone Mannu did not kill Raman, I shot him.

He says you have hidden this truth from me, why, you made both families fight and ruled here, my mum plays big game, how did you do big foolishness today, if you kill Simran, it will be problem, we have to think something else. She says I have seen dreams to make you Shah, what to do. He says nothing wrong will happen, we will play a game together. Mannu and Raj lie to Amrit. Amrit goes. Raj says you are clever to change words. Mannu says lie saving life is not bad, you won’t understand this, you just understand contract, your work is to make Simran fine and get her memory back, then I will leave from this house. He asks her to return ancestral bangles to Amrit before going. She goes.

Mohini and Nihaal drink. He gets a current shock. She asks are you fine. He smiles and says I m fine, I got an idea, if Simran does not get memory back, she can’t tell anyone, electric shock treatment is done to get memory, but Simran’s doctor is using other method, it means electric shock is dangerous for her, if we give her a current shock, then… Mohini says then Simran’s memory will go forever or she will die, its good for us, but if we get caught. He says we will get caught if either of us do this work. She thinks there is one person to do this work, Sakshi.

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