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Waaris 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Waaris 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Mannu hearing Raj and going to see him. Sakshi and Raj argue. Sakshi scolds him and says I hate you, you can never love anyone. Raj asks her to listen. She goes. Mannu goes to Sakshi. Sakshi cries and says Raj is yours, I m jealous of you, Raj loves you, not me, I pity you, you love a devil like Raj. Amba feeds Simran. Simran plays. Jagan comes near the godown and sees the door open. Simran refuses to have food. Jagan says why is the door open. He goes to see. Simran shows the boat and acts kiddish. Amba hears footsteps and worries. She sees Simran. Jagan enters.

Mannu consoles Sakshi. Sakshi says you know when Raj and I were in Delhi, he used to say he loves me every day, Raj can never love anyone, he just knows to use girls, he first used me and now you to get his house back, I got to know his truth, its better if you accept this, forgive me for what I did with you.

Mannu says I can understand, I also behaved badly with you, forgive me. Sakshi says how will I go home, I don’t know anyone here, can you help me. Mannu says yes, tell me. Sakshi says I booked my return tickets by agent, can you get tickets by going there, till then I will do packing. Mannu says don’t worry, I will do your work. Sakshi says you are so nice, Raj should have been here, but he is not. Jagan does not see Amba and Simran. He leaves. Simran shouts we won in hide and seek. Amba shuts her mouth.

Mannu gives the tickets to Sakshi. Sakshi thanks and hugs her. Raj smiles. Mannu says its fine. Mohini comes and claps. Mannu gets puzzled. Harjeet smiles. Sakshi says Preet you are so good that anyone can fool you, you are illiterate. Mannu asks what’s all this. Raj says you got our honeymoon tickets, great. Mohini laughs. Raj asks Preet does she know meaning of honeymoon or shall I say. Sakshi insults Mannu. Raj says I just did some emotional drama and Preet got trapped. He scolds Mannu. He asks her to think, Sakshi and he will be away in a hotel room alone, far from everyone, this is called love. They laugh. Mannu also laughs and says I pity on such love which is scared to come out in open. She scolds them.

She says love is infront of the world, not by hiding, love is one who gets doli to lover’s house even after rejection, about your honeymoon, Sakshi try and see, your money is going to get waste, what did not happen in room, can’t happen in hotel room. Sakshi says I find you jealous, maybe you are not able to digest this, that we used you. Mannu taunts her and says my and Raj’s love did grow on support. She gives tickets to Raj and asks him to go well, as he has spent money to get love. She goes.

Its night, Mohini says Preet is very clever, she will not lose so soon, she stayed as guy for 18 years and did not let anyone know. Sakshi says I don’t want to lose Raj. Mohini shows the drugs and says this will get you Raj, feed this to Raj. They see Rohan at the door.

Rohan asks Mohini for wine. She says you will get wine, what did you hear. He says I don’t hear anything here. She gives him wine. He goes. Amrit says Raj got blind in revenge fire. Mannu says I told this to you so that you know everything, I know Raj well, he will not do anything. Mannu thinks I feel scared this time, don’t let our love lose Raj.

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